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Rick Green Announces for MassGOP Chair

by: Rob "EaBo Clipper" Eno

Fri Dec 07, 2012 at 13:59:34 PM EST

Today Rick Green, State Commitee Member for the First Middlesex District, announced for Party Chairman.  Rick is the current Chairman of MassFiscal Alliance.  Here is his statement of candidacy.

Republican State Committee Members,

It has been my great pleasure to meet almost all of you over the last year, and I want to inform you of my intention to run for Chairman of the Massachusetts Republican Party. Wednesday afternoon, Chairman Bob Maginn announced his decision not to seek reelection. Bob has been a great leader for our party and the next Chairman will benefit tremendously from his hard work over the last year. I hope Bob will continue to be active within our party in the years ahead.

I was elected to the Republican State Committee in 2012 from the First Middlesex district which includes the communities of Lowell, Dunstable, Groton, Pepperell, Tyngsborough and Westford. As some background, I received my undergraduate degree from Cornell University and an MBA from the Darden School at the University of Virginia. Over the last 13 years, my brother and I built a business from the ground up in Pepperell, Massachusetts. We had an idea and grew our business to be the largest seller of auto parts on eBay and one of the largest online auto parts companies in the country. We employee over 100 people, and have over $50 million in revenue.

I know how difficult it is to build something from scratch and how to succeed when you start from nothing. I have succeeded by building a great team and providing them the resources they need to be successful. When we work together we can accomplish amazing things. I am determined to see our state improve and am willing to commit the time and energy necessary to lead our party to a more competitive position.

In 2010, Scott Brown's election tuned me in to politics. I always followed politics closely, but was busy starting a family and building my company. My father lent one of my family's antique cars for Scott to use in a local parade. I still vividly recall that feeling on January 19, 2010 when Scott won and made history.  I want to move this party forward so that we experience that feeling of victory and accomplishment again.

Over the days and weeks ahead, I hope to meet with all of you and discuss my plan for the Massachusetts Republican Party. More importantly, I want to listen. The combined wisdom of 79 great political minds is our biggest asset. For my part, I believe a rising tide lifts all boats.  I want to help prepare the party for the upcoming elections and work with all of you so that we can have more electoral success in the future. Please feel free to contact me directly at any time. Thank you, and I hope to be in communication with you soon.

Richard Green
Republican State Committeeman
First Middlesex District

Rob "EaBo Clipper" Eno :: Rick Green Announces for MassGOP Chair
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A simple litmus test (5.00 / 1)
Did he vote in favor of counting the provisional ballots?

That's a good question for everyone. (0.00 / 0)
I was at a recent Libertarian Party event and everyone there was in agreement that the whole "working within the GOP" is as dead as could be.  Be prepared for more D v. R v. L races.

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[ Parent ]
Good point, but it's not really about the libertarians for me. (0.00 / 0)
I just want a party chair that I know is committed to following democratic norms.  Low bar, but that's where we're at.

[ Parent ]
One vote per year in party (2.00 / 2)
Young party members should not have as many votes as long time Republicans. I think they shouldn't even let people below 30 attend the conventions, maybe there should be a web cam where they can watch it from their parent's basements, so they can learn what the party is about.

[ Parent ]
Hard for me to disagree. (0.00 / 0)
It would be good if people over 30 got more votes than those under 30.

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[ Parent ]
You're right, it's better to stay small and irrelevant... (0.00 / 0)
than to risk letting the wrong sort attend our conventions.  It's a shame we even have to hold caucuses -- everyone knows that democracy is the last refuge of a scoundrel.

[ Parent ]
The Libertarian Party... (4.50 / 2)
"Making the Perfect the Enemy of the Good since 1971!"

Follow me on Twitter?  Sure, why not.

[ Parent ]
What about about when the choice is between good and shitty? (0.00 / 0)
I wish so much that the phrase "making the perfect the enemy of the good" could be retired.  Used far too often and with little regard as to its applicability.

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[ Parent ]
just kidding (0.00 / 0)
Of course I'm not agreeing that what Libertarians want is "perfect" by any means, it would be utterly terrible.

[ Parent ]
Rick? (3.00 / 1)
   Where were you in the 2010 ad 2012 congressional contests? I was a senior staffer on both the Meas and Golnik campaigns. I became active in 2008.I joined the Republican party in 2009.
  1. What makes you more qualified than me?
  2. Who are you?

No Answer? (0.00 / 0)
   Bob Maginn redux. Too important to talk with rank and file members of the party. Plese remember, we're the ones that DO the work, while you're sipping cockaials. At least Jon Golnik was in the trenches with us!  

[ Parent ]
He didn't post this diary (5.00 / 1)
Rob posted a letter, in which he said what he was doing in 2010
In 2010, Scott Brown's election tuned me in to politics. I always followed politics closely, but was busy starting a family and building my company. My father lent one of my family's antique cars for Scott to use in a local parade. I still vividly recall that feeling on January 19, 2010 when Scott won and made history.  I want to move this party forward so that we experience that feeling of victory and accomplishment again.

[ Parent ]
Color blind politics? (0.00 / 0)
Why would a guy named green, running to lead the red party, have a blue banner on RMG?

Good choice actually (0.00 / 0)
He's probably trying to avoid being associated with "red meat" Republicans that are out for blood. I think the fact that he started a purely fiscal organization that says not a word about abortion or gay marriage is exactly what the GOP needs, and blue is a good way to show he's taking a fresh approach.

[ Parent ]
With a name like Green... (4.00 / 1)
I'd be running green signs. Teal, maybe. Just like Scott Brown should have used... well, you get the idea.

[ Parent ]
Colors (4.00 / 1)
If I were Rick, I would've intentionally played up the "Green" surname and put that in a shade along the lines of Fenway or Celtic green.

I'd have used the blue for his name and the "for MassGOP chair".  Actually, I'd probably have put "MassGOP" in red.  That way the Republican aspect is in the stereotypical red, the blue catches the eye (the American flag motif not intended but it is very common) and the green not only adds to the patriotic display but it also has a nice Boston sports team touch.

Then again, what do I know -- I'm colorblind!!!     :)  

[ Parent ]
Bipartisan? (0.00 / 0)
If that's the theme, the bumper stickers and signs would have been
Not Red
Not Blue

Of course, as a lefty liberal Democrat, I'm glad the Scott Brown folks never landed on the theme.

[ Parent ]
Has anyone used plaid before? (0.00 / 0)

Molon Labe

[ Parent ]
Spaceball One. (0.00 / 0)
Only when light speed was too slow though.

"Those are my principles. If you don't like them I have others."
-Gabriel Gomez

[ Parent ]

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