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Kirsten Hughes 11+ Year Record of Non-Voting?

by: Paul R. Ferro

Tue Jan 29, 2013 at 20:18:31 PM EST

(Supporters of Ms. Hughes are welcome to write a post on RMG presenting evidence of Ms. Hughes voting record, such as a certified voter turnout list available from any town or city clerk's office in the Commonwealth, with Kirsten Hughes name on it, from any of the elections in question from 1998-2009.  

Individuals have sent screen grabs of on-line voter information to RMG as "evidence".  However, the source material, not to mention the source whom presented it, are highly suspect, and not acceptable at face value, nor do I believe the readership of RMG would find it as such.  If the sources feel otherwise, present it.  

However, late night phone calls raft with shouting at purveyors of blogs is not evidence.

Which still leaves questions, as commentator mecowett aptly put it:

"Either she was here, and an activist, and didn't vote. That's a problem.
Alternately, she voted somewhere else, which means she wasn't here, and wasn't all that much of an activist in the MassGOP until recently. That would also be a problem -- even more of one, frankly.

I don't really see an obvious third option here. She was an activist here but chose to vote somewhere else? Doesn't seem to make sense." - promoted by Paul R. Ferro)

As the race for MassGOP State Chair enters its final days, the question of whom will be the best advocate for Republican principles to the voters of Massachusetts is foremost on many minds.  However, how can one ask their fellow citizen to cast their vote for the Grand Old Party when they have repeatedly failed to do so here in Massachusetts?

According to the City of Quincy's City Clerk's Office, Chair candidate Kirsten Hughes doesn't have a record of voting for over 11 years, only re-registering in 2009 for her then-boss, state Senator Scott Brown, in his race for U.S. Senate.

Originally registered to vote in 1998, Ms. Hughes may not have voted in any Massachusetts elections until 11 years later. One would assume, during that time, her Massachusetts voter status dropped to "inactive" due to lack of activity and she re-registered in 2009.

Since she announced her candidacy on Dec. 6th, Ms. Hughes has spoken of her "ten plus years" as a Republican Party activist. Strangely, for more than ten years, Ms. Hughes couldn't be bothered to actually vote for any Republican Party candidates here in Massachusetts, or at least that's what the Quincy City Clerk's office has on record.

Paul R. Ferro :: Kirsten Hughes 11+ Year Record of Non-Voting?
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Slight flaw in your theory (4.00 / 1)
There's a slight flaw in your theory, I'm not deeply familiar with her history of residency but Kirsten Hughes has lived for several years out of state, including in both Florida & New York City.  This likely accounts for much, if not all, of the missing vote records from Quincy.

Sounds strange. (0.00 / 0)
We don't know what month she registered in 1998. If she registered before the election, she didn't vote for Cellucci.
In 2000 she didn't vote for Bush. In 2002, she didn't vote for Romney for governor. We can do this all day. She didn't vote for McCain in 2008 either.

These all can't be explained away because she wasn't in the state. They do have absentee ballots.  

[ Parent ]
Two choices (5.00 / 1)
Either she was here, and an activist, and didn't vote. That's a problem.

Alternately, she voted somewhere else, which means she wasn't here, and wasn't all that much of an activist in the MassGOP until recently. That would also be a problem -- even more of one, frankly.

I don't really see an obvious third option here. She was an activist here but chose to vote somewhere else? Doesn't seem to make sense.

[ Parent ]
Certainly doesn't line up with claims being made. (0.00 / 0)
If she was an activist for 10+ years, I'd assume she meant in Massachusetts. But it is possible that while following a career in Florida and New York she was an activist in those cities.  If that's the case she should produce a list of names of the candidates she worked for.

There are also claims being made on her behalf by two influential Republicans that she has stellar record as an activist. I haven't seen the letter, just heard about it. But certainly, it sounds like these two are going to have egg on their face on this one.

The fact that she may not have voted till January 2010 in the special election for Senate, is pretty bad. But if someone tells  you their an activist for 10+ years, and high profile Republicans who are active in your campaign are talking about your great record as an activist, then I would hope such a great activist bothered to vote somewhere. Moreover, if she's always been so dedicated to the MA-GOP, wouldn't she remain registered in Massachusetts and vote by absentee ballot?

Long time political activist? (0.00 / 0)
Kirsten says she's a long time activist. If that's the case then she knows all about how candidates get vetted. If she's such a great political mind then, she should have been precise about where and when she was an activist. She should know her own voting record and that this might come up. Therefore she should at least have all the documentation on hand to prove where she was registered and when she voted.

So, Umm, Paul? (0.00 / 0)
In your diligence, you must have looked at Rick Green's voting record. Care to share that?

Voted during the same time period (5.00 / 1)
Missed one Election in 2008.

Follow me on Twitter?  Sure, why not.

[ Parent ]
Thank You (0.00 / 0)
   Just curious. I don't listen to the state party anyways. May the best candidate win.

[ Parent ]
Let's compare apples to apples (5.00 / 1)
Rick Green didn't make the same sorts of claims of having 10+ years of political activism.

In fact his campaign is based on his experience in business and that particular skill-set which will enable him to rebuild the party.

Kirsten's counter claim is that her political experience is far greater. So when exactly did these 10+ years of experience take place. We know she's been at it for 2 years between the MA-GOP and Scott Brown since 2010. Where are the other 8 years coming from. Is she saying she was an activist that was registered to vote. Was she an "undocumented political activist" for the other 8 years.

It's fear to count some of her activity as youth prior to being eligible to vote. But stuffing envelopes and holding signs as kid shows interest and zeal. It is indeed admirable. She may have picked up some knowledge during those years. But it almost looks like she's counting over half her time as an activist as this period as youth. Hardly the kind of experience needed to run a political party.

To your question about Green. He has been upfront about his political experience. He states that he really didn't get heavily involved till Scott Brown's special election. But in a short period of time he has amassed sufficient experience to be able to transfer his business skills effectively in order to rebuild and run a political party.

True he missed one election in 2008. A very important one. We don't know why. But one election can be excused. Any number of things could have happened to keep from the polls that day. But to apparently go 11 years without voting, at is seems is a very different story.  

[ Parent ]
John: (0.00 / 0)
   Take a chill pill. I don't care anymore. I never listen to the state party anyways.  

[ Parent ]
Timeline. (5.00 / 1)
From a  Boston Magazine Article from Sept 2011

GROWING UP, Kirsten Hughes had two loves: musicals and Ronald Reagan. The former she inherited from her mother, the latter from great-aunts - and by age 12 she wasn't just singing showtunes, she was stuffing envelopes for former Governor Bill Weld's campaign. Today, at 34, the trained lawyer continues to multitask, serving as the fundraising coordinator for Senator Scott Brown's campaign while making her own push for public office. One of the first young members of Brown's organization to blaze her own trail, Hughes is running for city council in her native Quincy.

So from this article we need to take two pieces of information and remember them for future consideration.

1) Kirsten was involved in politics at a young age. It says she was stuffing envelopes for Bill Weld at the age of 12.

2) In September of 2011, Kirsten was 34.

This is from Kirsten's City Council Website:


Kirsten Hughes was born and raised in Ward 5 to Edith, a Quincy Public School teacher and John, a Human Resources executive. She is a1990 graduate of St. Ann School in Wollaston. In 1995, Hughes graduated from Notre Dame Academy, where she was a member of the National Honor Society. After singing professionally in New York City and for the Walt Disney Company, in 2003 Hughes graduated from New York University with a B.F.A in Theatre Arts.

In New York, she sang on various CD's, and performed in several New York City night clubs. Interested in the "business" side of "The Biz", she worked as a manger's assistant at a boutique, celebrity-client management firm in New York City.

In 2005 she returned to Quincy to attend law school full time. Kirsten earned a J.D. from New England School of Law and was admitted to the Massachusetts Bar in 2008. She has worked in the legal political and entertainment fields in Quincy, Boston, New York and Washington D.C.

Locally, Kirsten served as a member of the Quincy Human Rights Commission, and has participated in the Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts Volunteer Lawyer's program, the Volunteer Lawyers Project, Housing Court Lawyer for the Day program and provided pro bono services in several civil and criminal cases.

Currently, Kirsten works for U.S. Senator Scott Brown's campaign finance team and continues her eighteen-year, long standing role as a Café singer at the Common Market Café in West Quincy. She still finds time to star in Quincy theatrical productions with her close friends, "The Superwomen" such as Superwoman, the Musical and What Christmas Means to Me.

In October 2010, Kirsten married Philip Doherty a software engineer who grew up in Charlestown.

From this article we have several important pieces of information.

1) Kirsten graduated high school in 1995. She was either 17 or 18 at the time of Graduation. Remember she was 34 in Sept of 2011.

2) She waits until 1998 to register to vote. So for someone who was so politically active at a young age, the fact that she didn't register for 1996 Presidential election is odd. Especially since that was the year that Bill Weld ran for Senate. And according to Boston Magazine she claims to have been active in his campaigns at the age of 12.

3) Looking at the data on Kirsten's City Councilor website, we can't determine exactly when she left Massachusetts, except it would appear that she was in state to register in 1998 from the data provided by City of Quincy. It is possible that she registered during a visit and then left.
We know she did not return to Boston until 2005 and in her mid-twenties.

So here's the thing. She returned to Boston in 2005 and waited until 2009. At this point, we can't write off her lack of interest in voting for this period. Ms. Hughes was in law school, no longer young girl but a mature woman. She passed the Massachusetts Bar in 2008. We can tell she  remained civically minded by the profession and course of study she chose. So why one earth wouldn't she have voted in the 2006 Gubernatorial election? Surely such a devout Republican studying law in Massachusetts should have understood the need to vote for Kerry Healey over Deval Patrick!

Why didn't she vote in the 2008 Presidential election? Again such a loyal Republican Activist would have voted for John McCain over Barack Obama?

These are serious questions that need answering. According to her own words she has 10 plus years of political activism. In fairness she doesn't claim these were consecutive years. She could be counting several years of activism as a youth. But that doesn't explain her sudden total loss of interest after graduating High School. Like I said,  I would have imagined she would have wanted to finally be able to vote for Bill Weld, after she had worked for him at the age of 12.

The fact is that Kirsten has to give an account of what years she's claiming to have been an activist. And certainly she has to explain why she didn't vote from 2005 till 2009 after returning to Quincy.

None of this adds up. She's asking the MA-GOP to put her in charge. That means she understands what happens in campaigns. If she can't vet her own record, how can she vet potential candidates looking for assistance from the MA-GOP.

Certainly I believe most people would agree that she should have disclosed all this and explained whether or not she voted absentee while away. At the very least, knowing her own record, she should have been prepared for this issue to arise and should now immediately be able to produce documentation if she was registered and vote elsewhere. This is standard preparation for any candidate. How can she lead a party if she can't properly run her own campaign for State Chair.  State Committee members are entitled to answers and evidence before they vote on Thursday night.

Again there is absolutely no excuse for her not to have registered upon returning to Boston, in order to vote in 2006. Finally, for someone who talks so much about recruiting and electing municipal officials, how does she explain her lack of voting in municipal elections during this time period in question?


Great Timeline (5.00 / 1)

Great timeline and questions, which really should be addressed before the Thursday night vote.

To which I will add this one:

Ms. Healey, how can you endorse a candidate for Mass GOP Chair with 10+ years of activism who did not even bother to vote for YOU in your 2006 Gubernatorial bid?

[ Parent ]
YIKES, but (0.00 / 0)
I should ask, has anyone contacted her to get HER explanation?

It is fair game (0.00 / 0)
I think anyone who runs in any partisan race must expect the following history to come into evidence immediately:

- Party affiliation (were you always a Republican?)
- Voting history
- Volunteering
- Previous party offices (RTC, etc)
- Campaign donations

How important is voting all by itself? I am not sure. Yes, it matters. (Look what happened to Jon Golnik!) I think Ms. Hughes should quickly account for her voting history and any context to it that would be valuable.

either way we are screwed (5.00 / 1)
Bottom line on the MAGOP Chairman race is that we are screwed no matter who we choose. We are looking at having a person with absolutely no solid experience at all running campaigns, recruiting talent, or supporting the grassroots movement. As much as Rick Green has widespread support among the "up and coming" in the state party he appears to me to be the "lesser of two evils". Neither has a proven track record in the political arena yet we are falling over and demogoguing each person running.

Though I have no vote in this race I feel that neither candidate is truly what our party needs to bring the party back to it's core beliefs an be willing to fight for them.

[ Parent ]
Take a look at MA Fiscal Alliance (5.00 / 4)
Rick has hired hundreds of people over the years for his business.  He could not be as successful as he is if he wasn't a good judge of talent and wasn't able to plug talent gaps in his organization.

In establishing the MA Fiscal Alliance, one of Rick's hires was executive director Paul Craney.  Paul worked for MA GOP and went on to head up the Washington DC GOP.  A very solid, higher profile hire in a somewhat political position than any hires that I'm aware Kirsten has ever made.

This is not a slam against Kirsten - her life experience has been spent mostly on the execution side of things, from performing as a singer to working a staff position at MA GOP and on Sen Brown's campaign.  

Rick's experience is more on the build / manage side of things.

The role of chair, in my opinion, is more management than staff.

Rick and Kirsten have very different experience bases to pull from.  Folks should take a look at the MA GOP, its organization, visibility and most importantly its effectiveness.  If you think the MA GOP is a well oiled machine and all is well and it can't benefit from a fresh new perspective on management, then the choice is clear.  If you think it could do better and requires an external influence to change, then the choice is also clear.

"Concentrated power has always been the enemy of liberty." - Ronald Reagan

[ Parent ]
the choice is obvious (0.00 / 0)
"If you think the MA GOP is a well oiled machine and all is well"

and if you think Ron Kaufman's endorsement will bring about the much needed change with an emphasis on 'grassroots' and farm teams LOLOLOLOLOLOL.

PLEASE, no more establishment picks.  Have we learned nothing?  We can't afford more of the same!

[ Parent ]
By itself not as important ---but ! (0.00 / 0)
Voting record is pretty important if you want to be Chair of the MA-GOP. But if this were the only problem related to this issue, then is would be as huge of problem as it is.

She's made specific claims about her experience as an activist. At one point she, or others have said for her, that she is the grassroots. Well, not voting is kind of different way of being grassroots.

So by my count her political experience is about the same as Rick Green's

The both won an election for public office.  The difference being Kirsten ran and won in a Ward to be a Quincy City Councilor. Granted Quincy  has a very low Republican registration. However, this was a non-partisan election. I didn't particularly notice anything about her being a Republican on her City Council Website. So more than likely she didn't bring it up, a wise political decision in a non-partisan election. But let's face it she ran in a Ward. These local elections are a popularity contest. Who do you know? Who do you friends and family know? These are low turnout elections.

Rick ran in a Senate district, for S.C. during a Presidential Primary. A much larger area to cover. In a year with a favorite son running for President who was backed by the establishment, Rick ran against an establishment candidate for S.C.  He probably had a higher turnout to deal with than Kirsten.

So she's been involved in serious way since Scott Brown in 2010. So hasn't Rick.  She ran a bad convention. Rick built a successful conservative PAC.

She stuffed envelopes for Bill Weld when she was 12. OK She's got Rick beat there.

All things being equal, look at the other work experience. She's singer. Rick's a business man. She is lawyer, Rick built $70 million business that employs over 100 people.

Rick wins hands down.

[ Parent ]
Correction.. (0.00 / 0)
I may have been wrong about Rick having an opponent for S.C.

Nevertheless, Kirsten winning a race for Ward Councilor is exactly the vast experience at campaigning that she claims.

[ Parent ]
Egg on Face for some people (5.00 / 1)
From a letter sent January 26th to all State Committee members:

Kirsten has lived and breathed Republican politics in this state:

Said letter was signed by:
Ron Kaufman and Kerry Healey
RNC National Committee Man and Woman, respectively.

Can Ron and Kerry please explain how one lives and breaths Republican politics in this state, if one doesn't bother to vote or remain registered to vote in this state????

More on Hughe's extensive political Career (0.00 / 0)

According to  these are the results of Kirsten's race for City Council.

Kristen Hughes (1,804) also won the Ward 5 seat, vacated by Gutro, against Neil McCole (1,288).

Wow, an impressive margin if you look at the percentages. But let's talk about the total vote. This was an election with under 3,100 voters. She got 1,804 votes. Not a huge numbers of votes in a low turnout election by it's nature.

Again these elections, especially at the Ward Level are popularity contests. It's about who you know. Where you went to school. What lodges or clubs you belong to. Where you go to Church.

This is hardly a huge election. Moreover, she talks about having to go get signatures for herself. Well for a Ward it was probably 50 signatures or so, about the same Rick had to get to run for S.C.

They are not popularity contests (5.00 / 1)
As Paul Ferro will tell you, and so will Matt Elder, these contests are won with door knocking and meeting voters face to face.  Thats how you win a Ward election, or any election for that matter.  She did that work.  She deserves the credit for her win.  

Full Disclosure

[ Parent ]
It's a Ward race... not the what she is making out to be. (0.00 / 0)
I've been involved in several municipal races. And yes you have to go door to door, you have to raise and spend money, you have to send mailers.

A race for Ward Councilor is hardly what she's making it out to be. Of course it's foundational experience for a candidate.

Nevertheless, I've been involved in municipal races for decade in Watertown. The people who vote in these races are a very small part of the electorate. And voters make decisions based on different criteria. And much of it is who you know, what church you go to, where you went you school, and getting you friends out to the polls, especially the Ward or in Watertown's case the district level.

Moreover, Ms. Hughes talks about how low Republican registration is in Quincy and yet she still won. Well these races are non-partisan. Can Kirsten produce campaign literature where she touted being a Republican?  That's unlikely and it would have been a foolish if she did.

Again, I encourage and applaud anyone who is willing to run for these offices. Republicans must in order get experience for higher office and to build a constituency. But Ms. Hughes however, is touting this as vast experience that Mr. Green doesn't have.  The fact is Rick Green, whether or not he had an opponent, still had to run some kind of race for State Committee man, in a larger district. He had to gather signatures. He surely did some campaigning. And we see that he'd done quite a bit of campaigning for others.
Hence their experience seems to be similar.

[ Parent ]
Municipal Races are Critical (0.00 / 0)

A you've noted, municipal races are critical in building a farm team and preparing future leaders in the party.  Calling them popularity contests was probably too far to go to make your point initially as I think your follow up post did a better job.

I would point out a critical difference in the race for Ward 5 Councillor and the Mass GOP Chair.  Kirsten's web site for the Chair race is far more extensive than the one she used in her Quincy race.  While she may have taken parts of the website down, there does not appear to be any section on issues or much of anything of substance on the site http://www.electkirstenhughes....

So it may not be a popularity contest, but it did not appear to need much heavy lifting for an online presence (wonder how Ed would interpret this and I mean that in all seriousness).

[ Parent ]

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