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Steve Adam for State Representative

by: Mike "DD4RP" Rossettie

Wed Jan 06, 2010 at 09:27:39 AM EST

Steven Adam is running for State Representative in the 2nd Franklin district.  Democrat Incumbent Christopher Donelan is running for sheriff, creating an open seat.  According to OCPF, Democrats Roxann Wedegartner and Lee E. Chauvette have formed candidate committees for the 2nd Franklin seat.  Wedegartner had $0.00 and Chauvette had $593.42 according to their 2009 year end reports.  Democrats Oscar Arce of Greenfield and William Caldwell of Athol have also announced but do not yet have reports.

In the town of Orange, Steven Adam serves on the Board of Selectmen, Board of Health, Board of Assessors, and the Energy Committee.  He also serves as Board member and past President of the Franklin County Community Meals Program.  More information can be found on his campaign website or his facebook page.

According to recent elections results, the 2nd Franklin district is significantly worse than the state average will be a challenge for any Republican.  It consists of the towns of Athol, Erving, Gill, Greenfield, Orange and Warwick.  Franklin county's silver lining are it's actual registration numbers.  It's 58.2% unenrolled voters is the highest in the state.  Athol is part of Worcester county.

In 2008, Rep. Christopher Donelan (D) defended his seat against Bob Parks (R) by a 79% to 21% margin.  In 2006, he was unopposed.  In 2004, he defended his seat against Christopher Richard (R) by a 76% to 24% margin.


Mike "DD4RP" Rossettie :: Steve Adam for State Representative
Obama vs McCain 2008 Results:
2nd Franklin
Erving: 565 to 215
Gill: 671 to 219
Greenfield: 6,193 to 1,978
Orange: 1,903 to 1,366
Warwick: 326 to 110
Athol: 2,639 to 1,952

TOTAL: 12,297 to 5,840
TOTAL: 67.8% to 32.2%

Healey + Mihos vs Patrick + Ross 2006 Results:

2nd Franklin
Erving: 131 + 28 vs 352 + 15
Gill: 140 + 42 vs 456 + 19
Greenfield: 1,344 + 329 vs 4,581 + 124
Orange: 809 + 163 vs 1,290 + 55
Warwick: 73 + 18 vs 221 + 9
Athol: 1,128 + 289 vs 1,752 + 66

TOTAL: 3,625 + 869 vs 8,652 + 288 13434
TOTAL: 27.0% + 6.5% vs 64.4% + 2.1%

The Percentages here are only among the Obama and McCain votes and do not include the 3rd party candidates.

In 2008, McCain lost by 26% statewide, and 35.6% in the 2nd Franklin district.  In 2006, Kerry Healey lost by 21% statewide, and 37.4% in the district.  If the Mihos and Ross numbers are included, "conservative" leaning candidates lost to "liberal" candidates by 16% statewide, but lost and 33.0% in the district.

I have recently started profiling some Republican candidates running for State Representative and State Senate here in Massachusetts.

Kurt Hayes State Representative, 37th Middlesex.
Kara Fratto State Representative, 30th Middlesex.
Paul Avella State Representative, 2nd Middlesex.
Shaunna O'Connell State Representative, 3rd Bristol.
Kevin Kuros State Representative, 8th Worcester.
Geoff Diehl State Representative, 7th Plymouth.
Patrick Foran State Representative, 1st Barnstable
Ryan Fattman State Representative, 18th Worcester
Brett Schetzsle State Representative, 6th Essex

David Pottier State Senate, 1st Plymouth and Bristol

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Open Seat (0.00 / 0)
You never know. If he wins Orange and Athol (which are winnable) by large enough margins, he may be able to make up for the HUGE liberal slant in Greenfield.

Tough, but we certainly need to try.

(R)- Outside 495

Post a comment: (0.00 / 0)
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[ Parent ]
Adam can win. (5.00 / 1)
I have spoken with Mr. Adam and I am electing not to run in this race in order to avoid competing with him for resources.

His campaign is carefully organized, drawing on lessons he learned from a failed congressional bid some years back.  He has already raised $12,685.52 according to OCPF's website:

In contrast, the Democrats are deeply divided in this race and will have trouble raising money.  Also, two of them, Chauvette and Caldwell, are members of the same school board, which suggests internal divisions in Athol itself.

Mr. Adam's challenge will be getting his name out there in Greenfield.  As my test earlier this year showed, there is considerable resentment in town (even amongst Democrats) to the Dems' party elite.  My ongoing study of the town suggests that the Democrat "brand" is starting to wear thin and so long as the candidate doesn't come off as one of the "Republican" stereotypes (rich snob, religious zealot, gun nut, etc.), they have a chance in this race.

I hope that everyone here will at least take a look at what Mr. Adam has to say.  A chance like this may not come again for a decade or more.

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