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What's Goin' On?

by: Rob "EaBo Clipper" Eno

Tue Aug 25, 2015 at 00:57:55 AM EDT

( - promoted by Rob "EaBo Clipper" Eno)

As many of you know from outside of Red Mass Group I am in the process of moving to Greenville, South Cariolina for an opportunity with Conservative Review.  I will be working with them as the Director of Research with a focus on the Presidential Race in the short term with a lot of exciting projects in the long term that will become apparent.

That means I'm in the process of ensuring that Red Mass Group continues when I am gone.  

I was hoping to have an announcement of the continuation plans before I left, but they did were not finalized before I left yesterday.  They will be finalized shortly and I think you'll all be happy with them.

One of the major things happening, is that the SoapBlox platform is closing.  As part of that a migration of all content will take place to WordPress. I will be a part of that migration to ensure that it happens in a timely manner.  

I'll have a more formal post about the transition later, but just be assured that Red Mass Group will continue, even though in the near future I will not be running it.



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Commentary Magazine takes on Trump's misguided immigration plan

by: Karl Marx

Tue Aug 18, 2015 at 00:14:48 AM EDT

( - promoted by Paul R. Ferro)

Commentary Magazine has very little good to say about Donald Trump's immigration platform. The neoconservative publication says the fiery candidate's highly restrictionist plan to seal the borders spells doom for the GOP in next year's election. Not only that but the entire plan to ship out the 'dreamers" is "heartless" and an assault on American values. The pushback isn't going to make many on the Right (some who don't hold pro-immigration views) comfortable. The implications of such a far-reaching plan are counterproductive.

Trump's "plan" is an assault on not merely the illegal immigrants who have violated American laws, but those who have played by the existing rules to come to the United States. The proposal amounts to a declaration of war on America's immigrant community, an attack on the foundational nature of America's character as a melting pot for all the peoples of the world, and the inception of a police state that is incompatible with a free republican democracy.

Trump's "plan" to address his key belief, the need to construct a great wall across the southern border and make Mexico pay for it, is no plan at all. Rather, it is an effort to justify this retributive policy. There is not one Republican candidate who disputes the need to enhance border security provisions. Indeed, that was why so many Senate Republicans voted against the supplemental appropriations measure to address the border crisis in the summer of 2014, when Trump was promoting the latest season of his reality television show, because it was not a border security bill but a measure to address a refugee crisis.

The problem with Trump's wall is that it is infeasible; the geography of the border simply does not allow for one unbroken wall. Nor would it be effective. Even if you could erect this barrier around, say, Florida, walls can be surmounted, tunneled under, and circumvented in other ways. Policing the border requires police; human capital that comes at taxpayer expense. Mexico will not be paying their salaries, but Trump has a plan for that, too: confiscate all remittances from illegal immigrants working in America and hike the fees on all Mexican tourism and work visas. Erecting the structures necessary to identify much less confiscate illegal wages would prove daunting. Even if it was legal and could survive court challenges, a dubious prospect, this is a policy that would require a dramatic expansion of government's ability to intrude on the lives of American citizens - a principle to which conservatives were once constitutionally opposed.

Trump's "plan" should give conservatives who revere and appreciate their country's history pause.

Add to that the fact that Trump wants to triple funding for ICE and you have the making of a disaster for the GOP says Commentary. Is the magazine correct? Are conservatives who support Trump selling their souls on the basis of a cheap issue?

Read the whole piece here.  

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NewBostonPost, Welcome to the Internet!

by: Patrick

Sun Aug 16, 2015 at 09:26:18 AM EDT

( - promoted by Paul R. Ferro)

The NewBostonPost:
Founded in 2015 by Tina McCormick, a European immigrant with a PhD in cultural history, and a group of Boston-based entrepreneurs, the NewBostonPost is an on-line newspaper providing its readers with aggregated content, original reporting, insightful commentary, and thought-provoking blogs. NBP provides coverage of politics, breaking news, culture, entertainment, and regional happenings, as well as inspirational stories of life in the city. Although neither partisan nor agenda driven, the NewBostonPost aims to provide a home for conservative, libertarian, classical liberal, and moderate voices in an effort to promote constructive and civil debate on issues of concern to New Englanders and all Americans.

An immediate problem I faced while browsing the site was how to find the original content. It's very much drowned out by the AP stories and other syndicated content. Hopefully, this doesn't remain the case. One way around this is the look at the pages of the individual authors.

Users of the news reader Feedy can import the following OPML file that contains all the author pages. Download the OPML file to your computer and then go to this import page.

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It started with in-state tuition.

by: Patrick

Tue Aug 11, 2015 at 08:28:53 AM EDT

( - promoted by Paul R. Ferro)

Without immigration reform, California citizenship will have to do:
It started with in-state tuition. Then came driver's licenses, new rules designed to limit deportations and state-funded healthcare for children. And on Monday, in a gesture heavy with symbolism, came a new law to erase the word "alien" from California's labor code.

Together, these piecemeal measures have taken on a significance greater than their individual parts - a fundamental shift in the relationship between California and its residents who live in the country illegally. The various benefits, rights and protections add up to something experts liken to a kind of California citizenship.

Howie Carr reminds us how things stand in Massachusetts.
Remember when Deval Patrick decided to grant illegal aliens in-state tuition at public colleges? He couldn't get it through the Legislature, so he just issued an executive order.

Last week on my radio show I asked Gov. Charlie Baker if he'd ever rescinded that illegal, high-handed handout.

Answer: Of course not.

"If you can work here in the commonwealth upon graduation, pay taxes and add to the growth of our economy," Baker said, "that's what the whole point behind in-state tuition was in the first place."

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On the latest grad tax grab putsch, Jeff Jacoby calls out the class warriors

by: Karl Marx

Wed Jul 29, 2015 at 12:27:30 PM EDT

( - promoted by Paul R. Ferro)

Writing masterfully in today's Boston Globe, Jeff Jacoby pushes back against the latest argument for a state graduated income tax.

More than a century ago, the Legislature recognized the fundamental inequity of imposing higher marginal tax rates on higher incomes, a perpetual invitation to class warfare. Lawmakers refused to allow the practice in Massachusetts, even as most other jurisdictions embraced it, and they went so far as to write that prohibition into the state constitution. Plainly it is a stance that has stood the test of time, having been reconfirmed at the polls on five separate occasions.

Still, liberal Democrats like state Senator Jamie Eldridge, who has filed a constitutional amendment to overturn Article 44 and mandate graduated income tax rates, hope the sixth time will be the charm. Like every grad-tax advocate, his pitch is one part soak-the-rich envy, one part government-spending wish list, and one part feel-their-pain con job. Some concoctions improve with age. This isn't one of them.

The nature of a one-party state like Massachusetts allows for class warriors like Jamie Eldridge to latch onto ideas rejected numerous times by the voters. The grad tax didn't gain enough steam during the putative liberal regime of Deval Patrick what makes Eldridge and "Raise Up Massachusetts" think it's going to pass this time?

It is not an idea whose time has come again... and again.

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Where's the Globe story on Liz Warren backing the Export-Import Bank?

by: Karl Marx

Mon Jul 27, 2015 at 16:25:29 PM EDT

( - promoted by Paul R. Ferro)

Just asking! For those of us who have been following the travails of trying to kill crony capitalism in the form of the Export-Import bank, the Massachusetts senior senator's support of corporate welfare is no surprise. We're waiting for the Boston Globe to probe the "populist" Professor's position on an issue that should appeal to those worried about income inequality and a system that is "stacked against them." An analysis of the pretzel logic would be illuminating.

We know that Senator Warren at the end of the day is another pol. At least ditch the rhetoric Senator!

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In-State Tuition Debate: Linda Dorecena Forry vs Marc Lombardo

by: Patrick

Thu Jul 16, 2015 at 19:37:40 PM EDT

( - promoted by Paul R. Ferro)

From last night's Greater Boston show.
Senator Linda Dorecena Forry (@ldforry), who wants to expand eligibility to many undocumented immigrants who meet certain criteria, and Representative Marc Lombardo (@MarcTLombardo), who wants to restrict in-state tuition eligibility to U.S. citizens and permanent residents, discuss the debate over whether undocumented immigrants should get in-state college tuition in Massachusetts.

There's More... :: (5 Comments, 41 words in story)

Should Rep. Diehl run for State Senate in a special election to replace Tom Kennedy?

by: Karl Marx

Mon Jul 13, 2015 at 14:37:33 PM EDT

Here's the text of the email appeal by GOP Rep. Geoff Diehl He's like to know if should run for Democrat Tom Kennedy's seat. Sen. Kennedy passed away last month.

As you know Rep. Diehl was instrumental in tanking the unaccountable gas tax last fall. He's an emerging GOP point leader on key issues including leading a broad-based attack on the pending Olympic Boston 2024 disaster.

As you heard, Senator Tom Kennedy passed away last week.  He was a devoted public servant who put in the long hours to make a positive difference.

I have been asked to run for this vacant seat.  I am seriously considering it.

While I am known throughout the district for my work as State Representative and for repealing automatic gas tax hikes last year, and now fighting to stop tax dollars for the Olympics, I would be the underdog in this blue district.

So I am writing to my loyal supporters to ask-should I run?

To win this fall 2015 special election, I will need to raise 5 times the amount I needed for State Representative.  Should I run? ...

I believe that I can make an even great difference in the Senate, but I need to know that you are with me.

Anyone up for doing an analysis of the district and Rep. Diehl's chances? Merrimack Man, I'm looking at you.

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We're Left With Deval's Crap, Including Steve Crosby - Suicide Watch for Hillary? - Lousy D.A's

by: Ernie Boch, III

Mon Jul 06, 2015 at 13:42:50 PM EDT

( - promoted by Rob "EaBo Clipper" Eno)

Deval Patrick was not the brightest governor we ever had folks. His three swipes at the bar exam gives evidence of that.

But he was smart enough and had a boat load of Ronald Reagan in him. So he could play the part and follow the script. Take him off script and he was a disaster.

The one and only theme of Deval's script, the one word that is repeated often, the single thing the audience leaves with was "first": as in first Croatian Commissioner of the Fisheries and Games, or the first Latino/Canadian/immigrant/vegan Associate Justice of the Dudley District Court.

Deval delighted in the role. He was good at it and his fandom went crazy in delight. The more delight the more firsts he gave them.

He ate at their banquets and reveled in their celebrations. But he partied too much. He needed an intervention that never came.

Now he's gone and we are left with a trail of his shit.  For instance, way too many lousy judges. They're hurting rather than helping many who need it most. Justice is not only blind it's mentally challenged.

Even Steve Crosby was a first. The first person who cant understand the simple and widely understood concept of "appearance of conflict" who got appointed to a position that is required by law to not have any iota of appearance of conflict.

Funny, isn't it?


When will Hillary have a public breakdown? After New Hampshire? I don't know. But once she understands that Bernie's big vote counts are more about her than him she will lose it.

Whenever you think your job sucks stop and think what it must be like to work on Hillary's campaign.


The Mass District Attorney's are out of control. (Like most)
Tim Cruz and Dan Conley are the worst and most dangerous to the justice system.

They have a win-at-all-costs-and-every- judge-and-lawyer-not-on-their-side-are-evil mentality that has no room for justice.

Thank God for Maura Healy. Folks, I think we may have something here. I can't believe she worked for that ultra-fascist and obtuse Martha Coakley.

I'm Voting for Bernie Sanders and I urge you to do the same. Pull a Dem ballot.


Follow me on twiiter

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Left Wing Hypocrisy, Buffer-Zones, and The Supreme Court.

by: Mike "DD4RP" Rossettie

Fri Jun 26, 2015 at 18:05:47 PM EDT

Here in Massachusetts, our unconstitutional "Buffer-Zone" law was struck down by a unanimous 9-0 Supreme Court decision.  What did the left do?  Ignore the Supreme Court, ignore the Constitution, change a comma to a semi-colon and pass a new unconstitutional buffer-zone law.  Those who act in accordance with the Constitution and dissent from this unconstitutional law can be arrested and imprisoned for exercising their first amendment rights.  Where is the outrage?

Can you imagine for a moment what would happen if a conservative state acted the same way following today's 5-4 decision?  Can you imagine the reaction from the media?

The United States Supreme Court is the final arbiter of the law.  No matter what your views on today's ruling my be, state governments are now required to follow it.  Similarly, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts is required to follow the Supreme Court and the Constitution on Freedom of Speech.

But the left doesn't actually care.  The do not support the precept of individual rights.  They do not support the Constitution.  They do not support following the Supreme Court.  They only support the idea of using force for the people they like and against the people they don't.  They don't like Pro-Life people, so they don't support Pro-Life people having rights.  Constitution be damned.  Supreme Court be damned.  If you don't like liberal fascism, you must be a bigot.  Anything we do against you is automatically pre-justified.

And they know their doing it too.  When a ruling is 9-0 all legal opinions are the same.  There is no dissent.  The final fig leaf of excuses is gone.  If a 5-4 decision is deemed to be settled law, how can a 9-0 decision continue to be so flagrantly and openly violated?

Where is the outrage?

There's More... :: (15 Comments, 22 words in story)

BHI Study: NED Natural Gas Pipeline would strongly benefit MA

by: Beacon Hill Institute

Thu Jun 25, 2015 at 15:50:11 PM EDT


BOSTON - (Wednesday, June 24, 2015) Tennessee Gas Pipeline’s (TGP) proposed Northeast Energy Direct Pipeline (NED) would bring both significant short-term and long-term benefits to Massachusetts according to an economic analysis based on two models by the Beacon Hill Institute at Suffolk University. TGP is a subsidiary of Kinder Morgan, Inc., which funded the Institute’s study.

The Beacon Hill Institute analyzed the economic effects of building TGP’s NED project, which would upgrade, extend and build a new pipeline through New York, New Hampshire and Massachusetts. The Institute used the proprietary IMPLAN (Impact Analysis for Planning) model to determine short-term economic impacts and then applied its STAMP (State Tax Analysis Modeling Program) model to determine the long-term impacts.

On a short-term basis, that is to say the construction phase of the project, the Institute found that NED would lead to the creation of 1,713 temporary jobs that would pay $228 million in wages. The local economy would benefit from $106 million in new production according to the IMPLAN model applied.

Using the STAMP model to simulate the potential long-term effects of the pipeline on the Massachusetts economy, the Institute closely studied two build scenarios: the construction of a pipeline with 1.2 bcf/d (billion cubic feet per day); and the construction of a pipeline with 2.2 bcf/d.

Under the first scenario, the Institute estimates that the new pipeline would eliminate 70% of the natural gas shortage in Massachusetts and thus reduce energy prices. The lower energy prices would lead to the creation of 9,420 jobs by 2020. Investment would increase by $735 million and real disposable income would increase by $1.7 billion, or $610 per Massachusetts household. Under the second scenario, which nearly doubles the pipeline’s capacity, the additional reduction in energy prices would generate an employment increase of 12,025 jobs by 2020. Investment would increase by $906 million and real disposable income would increase by $2.133 billion, or $770 per Massachusetts household.

“For years, high energy costs in Massachusetts have posed a barrier to future economic growth,” said lead author Paul Bachman, director of research. “While the state is well endowed with human capital in the form of a highly-skilled, well-educated workforce, manufacturing plants are difficult to sustain and retain. Massachusetts needs to expand gas transmission capacity, particularly as New England converts most of its coal-fired electric plants to gas. The inability to exploit the lower price of natural gas is to a detriment not only of industrial users of energy but also commercial and household users. “
Complete Study is available here.  
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Roger Goodell Will Throw Ted Wells Under The Bus Because He Has No Choice

by: Ernie Boch, III

Sun Jun 21, 2015 at 19:30:25 PM EDT

(#FreeBrady - promoted by Paul R. Ferro)

Poor Ted Wells. Stupid Ted Wells. He got a call from one of his Fortune 100 like clients who needed him to do something he's done a thousand times; conduct an "independent" investigation then report back something that concludes so-and-so and only so-and-so was responsible.

The most efficient way to handle a problem.

Wells did that. Oh my God did he do that. Talk about the single bullet theory or re-defining the word "is". Ted Wells showed us why the big boys make the big bucks.

Unfortunately for Ted and Roger they didn't consider one important fact; Tom Brady is probably the only player in the NFL who has the money, brains, and balls to go head to head with them.

We don't really know this because the sports media and the few newsies like Margery and Jim who have covered this continue to showcase their sanctimonious ignorance.

(How bad does John Henry want to see the pats go down as cheaters?)

Hey there you jock sniffs, before dreaming up all your insight on this why don't you talk to a union guy or a labor lawyer. They're all over the freakin place.

There's probably at least  one shop steward in every newspaper, and radio and television station.

Labor lawyers? They're a dime a dozen. They would tell you that the Wells Report is arbitrary and capricious in its methods, factual reporting, and conclusions. They would then tell you the same about Goodell's punishment.

They would tell you that a Stop and Shop baggage boy (Teamsters) could not be disciplined with a non-exisiting case such as this.

The NFL has defamed Brady and caused serious monetary damage to his well-established brand. Like every other employer at the very least The NFL owes Brady a duty of good faith and fair dealing.  Not to mention all the goodies in the collective bargaining agreement.

Like Steve Wynn and Boston 2024, Goodell never expected to get the pushback he's getting from Brady.

Now he has to get the other owners to understand this. He's boxed himnself in. A real commissioner would have put the kabosh on this within five minutes.  

This week Brady's lawyers will formally present evidence and arguments taking apart the Wells report line by line. Knowing the NFL is in a losing position Goodell will find that "after a having the a full hearing and presented with additional evidence the prior decision is rescinded and all penalties withdrawn. The process works"


If Goodell give's anything but a full vindication he will be in court within a week opposing Brady's complaint for immediate relief. In August we could be watching a judge decides who will open the season at QB.  

Knowing all this made it easy for Kraft to keep harmony in the family and withdraw his appeal. He so bad wants Brady to kick their asses.

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Do We Have a Fertility Timebomb?

by: Patrick

Mon Jun 15, 2015 at 00:19:06 AM EDT

Cross posted at

From the Daily Mail: NHS chief warns women not to wait until 30 to have baby as country faces a fertility timebomb

One of Britain's top NHS fertility specialists last night issued a stark warning to women: Start trying for a baby before you're 30 - or risk never having children.

In a strongly worded letter to Education Secretary Nicky Morgan, consultant gynaecologist Professor Geeta Nargund has also demanded that teenagers are taught about the dangers of delaying parenthood, because of the spiralling cost to the taxpayer of IVF for women in their late 30s and 40s.

It appears that Obamacare does not put us in the same situation that England is in, but perhaps we here in Massachusetts are in the same boat?
Infertility treatments. Unfortunately there's no dramatic change under the law that will impact the way infertility treatments are delivered. Perhaps more women will have access to infertility services through mandated health care and they won't be denied health insurance based on their preexisting condition - yes, in some cases, infertility diagnosis has been considered a preexisting condition and a basis for denied insurance. However, the ACA doesn't really have a section on infertility-related disorders and treatment. Only 15 states - including Massachusetts - mandate that private insurers cover certain infertility treatment, but each state varies on what exactly is covered. In other states, diagnosis and treatment of infertility is not reimbursed by insurance providers.

The NHS Chief from the Daily Mail article goes on to mention the role education should play.
'You need to be trying by 30 because if there is a problem and you need surgery, hormones or IVF, then you've got five years to sort it out,' he said. 'If a woman starts trying at 35, doctors have got to sort it out when she is already on a slippery fertility slope'.

He went even further on educating youngsters on fertility, saying pupils should receive 'age appropriate' information from primary school to university.

The Mass Family Institute recently broke news on just how comprehensive our state's comprehensive sex education program is going to become under Common Core. Anyone think it's comprehensive enough to also include any of the above information?

(Paging John Howard.)

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How Much $$$ is John Henry Paying WGBH Radio? It's an Effin Informercial for He and The Globe

by: Ernie Boch, III

Wed Jun 10, 2015 at 14:40:39 PM EDT

( - promoted by Paul R. Ferro)

I can't take it anymore. Have you ever listened to Jim Braude and Margery Egan on WGBH Radio? It's painful. I stopped. But every now and then I find myself listening and unable to change the station before I throw-up.

Anyway The Globe owns that show and probably the whole station. John Henry paying good money to have Brian McGrory on every week pontificating like he's the gatekeeper for God while the under-informed-dull-witted-hosts coo over him and the brilliance of everything and anything the Globe writes.

Of course they're big time trumpeting the false narrative that Ms. Carpenter does not have a legal case against the Sox but John Henry will do the right thing and pay her medical costs.

(Anyone notice it came out that the Players Association twice asked that protective netting be placed anong the infield stands? The owners, like John henry, said "no". That's evidence of negligence. Funny how Jim amd Margery don't mention this. Players were concerned because in many parks their families sit in those close seats.)

Cheap bastards.

Talk about shills.

Have any of these two ever read a book that wasn't a confirmation of their don't-make-it-complicated-thinking-and-live-inside-a-bubble-journalism?

Discuss :: (4 Comments)

MA, N. Dakota again top ranked in BHI measure of economic growth and income: NH 6th

by: Beacon Hill Institute

Tue Jun 09, 2015 at 15:27:25 PM EDT

(BOSTON - June 9, 2015) Massachusetts again secured the top spot on the annual Beacon Hill Institute’s State Competitiveness Index. Traditional strengths in human resources, technology, security and openness buoyed Massachusetts to the number one rank for the eighth time in nine years. North Dakota finished second. Texas is the largest state to finish in the top ten, ranking 9th in this year’s tally. Mississippi ranked 50th. 

The BHI competitiveness index is based on a set of 45 indicators divided into eight sub-indexes – government and fiscal policy, security, infrastructure, human resources, technology, business incubation, openness, and environmental policy. The breadth of the BHI index distinguishes it from more narrowly-focused measures of competitiveness that target only taxes, high technology, quality of life or economic freedom.

Iowa finished third followed by Colorado, Minnesota, New Hampshire, Nebraska, South Dakota, Texas and Washington. While the rankings in sub-index measures were far from uniform, states that paid attention to fostering a well-educated and healthy workforce scored well. It also helps for a state to be business-friendly with reasonable labor costs and an environment with consistent firm births and a culture of risk-taking.

As it has in the past, Massachusetts showed real strengths in its human resources (for example health care personnel and number of insured), technology (with its large base of science and engineering graduates and high-tech employment), and business incubation.

“Massachusetts continues to capitalize on its endowment of human capital,” notes Frank Conte, project manager for the BHI report. “What’s noteworthy this year is that Texas, one of the largest states in terms of population is showing comparative strength in growing its personal income. How this holds up in the future given the decline in energy prices will be interesting to watch in the next few years. The Bay State faces high labor costs but other strengths allow it to overcome this disadvantage.”

The five lowest-ranked states were Arkansas, Alabama, New Mexico, New Jersey and Mississippi. Hawaii, which ranked 49th last year from a one-time event regarding its air quality finished 23rd in the latest index.

Policymakers often compare a state’s performance with that of “leading technology states (LTS).” However, these states do not always prove to be competitive. Massachusetts (1) Minnesota (5), Colorado (4), Texas (9) and Washington (10) are the only LTSs to finish in the top 10.  Other LTS states ranked as follows:  Virginia (12), North Carolina (13), New York (24), Connecticut (40), California (26), Pennsylvania (35), New Jersey (49).

“Our measure demonstrates that simple improvements in certain measures can potentially translate into higher personal incomes for states,” observed Conte. “A state in the middle of the pack can increase its personal income per capita by more than $2,000. That’s significant and thus shows the index can point to a way to improve outcomes.” 

Complete Report 14th Edition

Press Release with Rankings (PDF)




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Red Sox/Boston Globe Trying to Mislead Ms. Carpenter About her Legal Rights?

by: Ernie Boch, III

Mon Jun 08, 2015 at 22:55:49 PM EDT

(I thought the Globe Story was fishy as well.   - promoted by Rob "EaBo Clipper" Eno)

How about the John Henry/Globe propaganda telling everyone that the Red Sox are not legally liable for the serious injuries the woman sitting in the second row between home plate and the visitors dugout received when she was hit in the head by a piece of splintered bat?

I'm calling bullshit and saying there are many good personal injury attorneys out there with the resources to back the case and the willingness to take this on.

The so-called baseball rule is fact specific and has not always prevailed. Fact is you can't waive negligence. Never. The baseball rule is not a statute but a case-by-case rule implemented by the courts to protect baseball team (at all levels) from unreasonable liability for injuries sustained by fans.

But that doesn't mean the team doesn't owe a duty to the fans to take reasonable steps to prevent these injuries.

That's why we see the screen behind home plate and fans not standing along the baselines. (Check out the pictures of Smokey Joe Wood days)

But we've also seen screens in front of dugouts. Aren't the players and coaches suppose to be paying attention? And aren't people in the first and second rows between the dugouts and home plate closer to the projectile than the ballplayers in the dugout?

Anyway, everyone knows Fenway has the closest seats to the action than any other park. This fact goes back decades. Even when the old ballparks were still around the infield seats going from first to thirs were the closest in baseball.

The ten years ago or so John Henry added two more rows of seats closer to the field. Closer to the action.

Ms. Carpenter was sitting in the second row. Ten years ago she would have been sitting where the batboy kneels.

The fans are closer to the batter than the infielders. You know, professional athletes who get paid to safely catch the ball speeding at them. Do they make every play?

The Sox don't give these up-close tix away. The charge mucho buckaroos for the privilege of seeing Big Papi up close as he hucks one up and sends the mucus out spinning until it hits the grass and hangs there. A big league louie at big league prices.

Things have changed much in baseball.

How about the new maple bats that they use? More splintering and faster projectiles. Steroids mean faster pitchers, stronger batters. Alls orts of things have changed causing reasonable people to take reasonable measures to protect the fans.

And now Henry's using his newspaper to influence Ms Carpenter and her family.

The Red Sox are responsible for all of her injuries including lost wages, future losses, emotional distress, permanent scarring and much more. Her medical bills are small potato(e)s.

So don't let John Henry and Larry Lucchino spin this into anything other than the fact they owe this woman big time.

And her son too. Negligence infliction of emotional distress. He fits the criteria. That kid is going to have nightmares of his mother's screams for the rest of his life.

This is a big money case. The Globe and the Sox could be accused of improperly influencing pending litigation if they continue to make believe that the woman and her son do not have a case and anything they get is out of the goodness of their hearts.

It will be fun to see Larry Lucchino testify about all the money the Sox make from those super up-close seats and what factors went into protecting the fans. Sheeeeit, even the batboys wear batting helmets now.  

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R.I.P. Robert Kelly, columnist and author

by: Karl Marx

Fri Jun 05, 2015 at 10:47:20 AM EDT

( - promoted by Rob "EaBo Clipper" Eno)

I'm sad to report that Robert Kelly, a gentleman, a scholar and a friend of Citizens for Limited Taxation has passed away. Kelly was the author a book on the national debt. He also wrote for the Salem News.

A dedicated conservative and patriot, Kelly often wrote about the dangers posed to the United States both domestic and foreign. Bob was also a man of religious conviction which showed in his character and kindness to all.  

He will be missed.

Visiting hours will take place on Thursday the 11th of June from 9am to 10:30 am. at the Conway, Cahill, Brodeur funeral home in Peabody.

A funeral Mass will follow at St Adelaide Church at 712 Lowell Street, Peabody at 11 a.m.  After Mass Bob wil be laid to rest at Greenlawn Cemetary in Salem MA.

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Hillary Clinton Is Like Drunk Chick Determined To Win Her Ex-Boyfriend Back at a Karaoke Bar

by: Ernie Boch, III

Thu Jun 04, 2015 at 23:50:34 PM EDT

( - promoted by Rob "EaBo Clipper" Eno)

Yes folks, Hillary is a disaster and she doesn't know it. This of course means great entertainment. It will be so good that at some point we will start to feel sorry for her. God is she going to unravel.

All she wants is to have what Bill had. It's not fair that he got to be President and she won't be. That wasn't the deal.  

Really people, do you think this woman will win the nomination? No siree.

Who here remembers 1968? Lyndon Johnson? Eugene McCarthy? Bobbie Kennedy? Hubert Humphrey? Pat Paulsen?

Who remembers that new generation of voters?

We have the same thing today and ain't no way is Hillary getting the nod.

The primaries will be great to watch as each week it gets worse and worse for her. The finger pointing will be off the charts. She'll go nuts. NUTS!!

And all the while the people who vote Democratic will be waiting for Elizabeth Warren to point them in the right direction. And that may not be done until the convention.

The convention should be good.

In the meantime let us all enjoy our beers here in the corner and watch Hillary make a world-class fool of herself as she bullies control of the Karaoke stage forcing people to listen to her out of key renditions of the latest top hits.  

As she becomes more desperate the more bizarre it will get. The voters will have to remind themselves that she is serious and her candidacy is not some piece of Andy-Kaufmanesque performance art.

Oh, and after this mess the Dem nominee will crush the Republican.

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Boston Establishment Totally In Bag For Steve Wynn, No Other Way to Explain It - With Poll

by: Ernie Boch, III

Mon Jun 01, 2015 at 19:59:24 PM EDT

("Establishment, establishment, you always know what's best." - Stewie Griffin - promoted by Rob "EaBo Clipper" Eno)

Has anyone in the local media read the new lawsuit Marty Walsh brought against Steve Crosby?
Here's a link to the complaint. Just read the introduction. It will blow your mind.

Walsh calls Crosby and his gangs corrupt. THAT'S BIG!!

But if you read the stories on the new lawsuit you'd think it was still about the same ole boring disputes about access and MBTA land.

It's not.

Instead, by process of elimination it accuses Steve Crosby of being corrupt, incompetent, or a victim of blackmail.

Here's why.

The land in Everett was owned by three people: two gangsters and a non-gangster who was also a long-time friend, former business partner, business savior and creditor of Crosby's. Well documented and extensive personal and business relationship prior to the Gaming Commission.

After the Gaming Commission was established Steve Wynn tried to put a casino on his friend Bob Kraft's property in Foxboro. Very soon after the voters put the kibosh on it.

Soon after Crosby's non-gangster-Everett-land-owner-friend-former business-partner-savior-creditor held a dinner party honoring Crosby for his new gig as chair of the commission. He got the old gang from their shared business together. It was a hoot.

After that, well talk about a small world, Steve Wynn decides Crosby's non-gangster-Everett-land-owner-friend-former business-partner-savior-creditor land is the perfect place for his casino and asks Crosby and the others on the Gaming Commission to let them.

More after the jump...

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Cruz kicks off busy Massachusetts Republican presidential primary

by: Rob "EaBo Clipper" Eno

Sun May 31, 2015 at 11:32:16 AM EDT

Yesterday Ted Cruz laid out his case for the presidency in front of a crowd of 500 at conservative State Representative Jim Lyons' (R-Andover) "Barn" in Andover.  This event kicked off what is set to become the first contested Republican Presidential Primary in Massachusetts since 1980.  

Photo Credit: Rob Eno (c)2015 All Rights Reserved

Cruz made the case for a contested Massachusetts primary near the end of his speech.  Cruz said, "with a date of March 1st, two weeks after South Carolina, Massachusetts is an early primary state."  Cruz further said he would be campaigning in the Bay State.  

Already, Rand Paul is set to join Cruz on the trail in Massachusetts with an event next Sunday in Peabody, Massachusetts.  

Cruz's campaign has told Red Mass Group that the Senator does in fact plan on campaigning in Massachusetts because of the state's role as an early primary state.

The attention paid to Massachusetts this cycle may seem counter intuitive to some, but it is not.  For a multitude of reasons, Massachusetts hasn't had a contested presidential primary since 1980.  

In a discussion with long time Republican activist, and Andover Republican Party Chairman, John Moffitt yesterday he agreed that it was a unique situation this year.  

Looking at the history one begins to see why the Republican primaries have not been contested, in any meaningful way since the 1979-1980 campaign season, and certainly not in the way they they will be this year.

In 1984, 1988, and 1992 Republicans nominated a sitting President, or Vice President.  There was barely a campaign, save Pat Buchannon in New Hampshire on the Republican side in these years.  

In 1996, the entire primary season was seen as Bob Dole's turn, and no serious contest for the nomination truly developed, anywhere, including Massachusetts.

In 2000, W. Bush and McCain battled it out, but the Massachusetts primary was 17 days after the South Carolina primary.  In 2016 it will be ten days.  With the smaller field, it was easier for the two major candidates to ignore Massachusetts.

Continued after the jump...

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