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How Can Body Hygiene Influence The Effect Of Your Natural Acne Treatment

by: naturalacnetreatment

Thu Mar 01, 2012 at 06:04:54 AM EST

It has been a long debate on whether personal hygiene has an effect on acne or not and it is currently believed that while this issue alone cannot cause such a skin condition, it definitely has a word to say when it comes to overcoming it.

With other words, the way you take care of your body matters a lot, regardless whether you are using a prescription based treatment or a natural acne treatment. However, because severe acne, which is normally treated with powerful drugs, takes more than a daily shower to become history, we should be focusing on the link between mild acne, hygiene and natural cures.

These three are supposed to make an effective combination, only that not in any circumstances. To begin with, you should know that showering helps a lot for both an oily and a dry skin. With oily skin it cleans the pores of excessive sebum and with dry skin it helps removing debris. Either way, your natural acne treatment, preferably an herbal one, will encounter a clean epidermis, with open pores, just waiting for the useful substances to enter and do their job.

In fact, this is the main reason why washing daily helps with acne, the second one being probably the fact that it makes a preparation routine that helps you to seriously consider your acne treatment, particularly because most cures involve cleansing, applying an acne cream and moisturizing the skin.

And when it comes to taking care of your body, there are two main perils related to acne. One would be to overact with washing, in which case you deprive your epidermis from sebum, which is also called the natural skin's oil for a good reason. Once you do that, you can expect for your sebaceous glands to become more active in order to supply the skin with sebum and you only increase your odds to make this skin affection develop.

Additionally, it is very important what kind of products you use, because there are various ingredients known to have the tendency of clogging your pores. Supposing you use soaps, even specialized acne soaps, you should know they must not be combined with a natural acne treatment for the simple reason that both of them have the purpose to clear skin and two of them may be a little too much.

In the very same way, if you have a dry skin, you must avoid using both a special acne treatment and a cleanser with active ingredients in order to avoid skin irritation. And your moisturizer must be water based instead of oil based because many oils do nothing more than to help your dead skin cells to get stuck into the pores.

When you make an unfortunate combination of a few cleansing products, because of the sincere desire of maintaining an appropriate body hygiene, it would be like using a more powerful treatment that will affect your skin one way or another. Irritation, redness and increased sensitivity are common signs to let you know that you are overacting with washing. If you keep these in mind, your life will be much easier.

naturalacnetreatment :: How Can Body Hygiene Influence The Effect Of Your Natural Acne Treatment
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