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It's official: Tisei concedes

by: David Ricardo

Wed Nov 07, 2012 at 14:14:38 PM EST

WBUR is reporting that Richard Tisei has conceded to John Tierney.

Many lessons to be learned from this campaign. Among the most important is this reality-check summarized by our own Karl Weld: "If this state won't elect a Republican like Richard Tisei, it will never elect a Republican."

The doom is rather overwhelming.

David Ricardo :: It's official: Tisei concedes
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I respectfully disagree ... (4.50 / 2)
I guess I'm being disagreeable today, but while I'm disappointed with Tisei's loss, I'm not looking at it as the final nail in the coffin of the GOP either. I don't live in the district, but I followed the race and got all the campaign email. He lost for the same reason Scott Brown did. There wasn't anything to vote for ... it was all about voting against Tierney. The anti-Tierney vote will only get you so far. I found it interesting that in the waning days of the campaign that they felt it was more beneficial to run an ad that was literally a 30 second video of a beach instead of promoting the candidate. Yes, it was a unique ad and potentially a good idea; however, it would have worked much better if the candidate had already defined himself. The lack of an agenda (other than being Independent) also served to allow for the Tierney attack ads to be effective.  

On twitter @bfrivers

Bill, (0.00 / 0)
how many Independents are socially conservative? I would say not many. If they were socially conservative and voted that way, they would be registered Republicans. The Independents that lean right, lean right on fiscal issues and are either socially moderate, downright socially liberal, or socially agnostic (meaning they don't care about social issues). Tisei should have been their candidate of choice. Which was what I based my comment to the Globe on. If they won't vote for Richard, they just won't vote for a Republican.

P.S. The second part of my quote was not used. I qualified my statement by saying they won't be elected for state-wide or national office. In certain pockets of the state, Independents will vote for Republicans for State Rep/Senate. But state-wide and national offices are quickly becoming, if not already, closed to Republican candidates.

G.O.P. Growth. Opportunity. Prosperity. For all Americans.

Karl (TLC)Weld

[ Parent ]
Huh? (4.00 / 1)
Where did I mention that Tisei should have been a social conservative? I didn't. I just said that he wasn't articulating a platform other than the People over Party / Independent Voice mantra a la Scott Brown.

I follow politics fairly closely, and couldn't tell you one thing Tisei or Brown was actually going to push in D.C. in order to solve our problems. They just kept saying they were going to compromise and be independent. So, on the one hand you had Democrats saying they were going to solve our problems by taxing rich people, and our two best GOP chances saying they were going to solve our problems by being independent.

On twitter @bfrivers

[ Parent ]
And yet not being independent. (0.00 / 0)
Because they ran as Republicans.  Which if they wanted to run as independents, they could have!  Much like how we chastise anyone that wants to raise the income tax rate, if you want to pay a higher rate, you can!  There's nothing stopping anyone from doing these things.

In another thread we basically have Barbara Anderson being outraged that people who emphatically would not vote for a Republican did not end up voting for the Republican who called himself an independent, and instead voted for the Libertarian, a person independent of the Republican Party.  Can we admit that the whole running as a stealth Republican thing is pretty stupid?  There is an R next to their name on the ballot.  It kinda gives it away.

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[ Parent ]
The beach ad was a great free media hit... (0.00 / 0)
I read where it ran just on bet it ran once on cable for $50 or was at best lightly in the rotation and they spent very little money running it.  What they got was a ton of free media and attention.  Your other points are good.  But I tip my hat to the Tisei camp for that move.  

[ Parent ]
We will never elect a Republican like Tisei (0.00 / 0)
or any pro-gay libertarian Republican. We eagerly elected Romney and Brown here when they were supposedly opposed to gay marriage, but we lost confidence in Brown.

Social conservatives need to get the focus off of abortion and birth control and put it on something that even liberal women find appalling: genetic engineering of human beings, eugenics and loss of equality and dignity, exploitation of women, harm to babies, commodification of people and materialist manufacturing of people, wasting money and energy and health resources on something totally unnecessary and stupid.

Social conservatives should remember that the Republican party is based not on Libertarianism and states rights and materialist view of of people, but on human dignity and equality and a belief that people are created by God with equal rights and dignity.

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