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Cavaretta and D'Arcangelo: Proposed 2013 Organizational Structure

by: DeanCavaretta

Thu Dec 27, 2012 at 20:49:55 PM EST

Dear MassGOP State Committee Members, Conservative Activists and (R) Elected Officials:

As we speak with members, some conversations continue to be had regarding our projected 2013 Organizational Structure for the MassGOP. With that said, we would take the following steps to break new ground and lead with purpose and vision from February 1.

Some significant "structural" changes we are proposing will be;

• You get what you pay for. David & Dean have talent and are hungry for wins. That is why we both believe that an incentive based system brings out the best and maintains the focus on our central goal of winning more races. David & Dean would split a base salary of $80,000 and will work a minimum of 45 hours a week each. We will seek an incentive based "bonus" system that will compensate us additional funds based on wins & losses for various levels of Republican involved races.

Most importantly, under this proposed system, it would be the State Committee that would predetermine and assign any of these incentive based values.

• This new model will combine the compensation of Chair and Executive Director and the State Committee will essentially be getting two employees for the price of one.

• Under our new proposal the position of Political Director would be eliminated.

• We intend to operate a similar Staff Budget within the guidelines that the State Committee has previously established. This would be roughly consistent with the number of FTEs Chairman Maginn managed.

• We would ask Pricilla Ruzzo to continue to serve as Finance Director.

• We would ask Nate Little to stay on although he would be re-assigned to a newly created position. (Director of Training and GOTV)

• We would create a new Director of Urban Outreach position.

• We would maintain the two Deputy Chair Model similar to Chairman Maginn. One would be for Boston, Worcester & Urban Affairs and the other would be for Western Massachusetts.

• Consistent with we would undertake a serious discussion with all of you about the feasibility of establishing a Region Six to encompass Greater Metropolitan Boston, with the long term goal of creating a separate budget and working MA GOP office apart from Headquarters.

Respectfully Submitted,

Dean Cavaretta
Candidate for Chairman

David D'Arcangelo
Candidate for Chairman

DeanCavaretta :: Cavaretta and D'Arcangelo: Proposed 2013 Organizational Structure
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Questions Galore (0.00 / 0)
Dean and David,

Thanks for posting and continuing the "discussion".  I have used quotes on discussion purposefully as it seems as though your posts are a one way conversation.  You make a statement and then move on to some other post.  Hopefully you will choose to engage with those, like me, who pose questions to you even if we do not have a vote in your upcoming election.  With the spirit of debate in mind, I pose the following questions and comments:

1)  Have you spoken with the Mass GOP employees who you reference in your post about their positions?  If so, have they agreed?  Do you feel that mentioning them potentially with their knowledge could constitute a tacit endorsement of your candidacy that is expressly prohibited by Section 7 of the State Committee By-Laws?

2). While it may be implied in your post or potentially inferred by readers thereof, I thought it best to come right out and ask you, are you not only taking the position of  Chair and Executive Director but also the duties of Political Director?  If this is true, please explain how the two of you see yourselves handling this role in addition the other roles you have outlined?  If you are not taking on the responsibilities of the political director, then where do you see those responsibilities being handled?

3). You have not shown how you will handle fundraising which is critical to support the structure that you intend to employ so can you please comment on your combined experience raising funds and how you would propose to raise funds for the State Party?

4). You propose two Deputy Chairs with certain geographical responsibilities.  How much time will you expect these individuals to donate to their roles and how will you entice people to undertake potentially time consuming roles without any compensation.  As you recall, the current Deputies are employed by a firm that is supportive of their political activities, do you have such a firm or firms, willing to be similarly supportive for your Deputies?

5). Your proposal to focus on the urban areas is important as a long term plan, but would the State Party be better served working to support organic efforts in the Cities rather than a top down approach from HQ especially given that HQ has, for all intents and purposes, ignored the urban areas.  Wouldn't we be better off supporting the efforts of, for example, the good folks in Boston, than trying to dictate to them from above and use the resources to contest more suburban seats which are more "winnable" in the short-term?

6). Your candidacy appears to rest on the "Playbook" so should someone vote for you if they do not agree with the Playbook? And

7) As there is 2 of you running as a team, who is in charge?


The Chairman Should Be Paid (0.00 / 0)
The MASS GOP is woefully understaffed, and that is a big reason why it has not been as effective as it should be.  

I think the structure we have at the Mass GOP is appropriate in most cases, but the Chairman should always be paid a salary in line with what other state chairs are paid.  If that individual decides to give it back, so be it.  We need to pay a professional salary and expect the Chairman to do their job, because they are paid.

The Executive Director is an important position that must be adequately supported by a well-seasoned and experienced Political Director who has the ability to work in the field and help train campaign managers on the the craft of campaigning.

We should also budget resources to pay local consultants/grassroots activists to help build effective campaign infrastructures.  Volunteers and activists on the bubble are OK, but they don't always get the job done.

This is not the time to consolidate and pinch pennies.  It is time we invest in a team that will build the grassroots into the future,

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