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Five Things You Should Know Today, January 2, 2012

by: Rob "EaBo Clipper" Eno

Wed Jan 02, 2013 at 07:01:36 AM EST

1. 188th General Court Convenes Today

The 188th General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts will be sworn in today.  There will be four less Republican's in this session.  Two years ago, to the day, the Democratic super-majority leadership used the swearing in as a chance to pay tribute to three former convicted felon speakers.   Here's the video.

Will they repeat this today?  If so, Sal Dimasi won't be there, as he's still in jail.

2. Taxes go up on most Americans

You wouldn't know it, based on the coverage of the Fiscal Cliff deal, but the paycheck of just about every American will be going down, significantly starting this week.  The 2% temporary payroll tax cut has not been renewed.  This means that every taxpayer, with income, will see his or her paycheck shrink, starting this week.  How much?  

$30,000 - $11.54 per week less - $600/year
$50,000 - $19.23 per week less - $1000/year
$70,000 - $26.92 per week less - $1400/year

That's a significant pay cut, for a lot of people.  It will probably hit those in the hospitality (Restaurant) industry the hardest.  All for a program, Social Security, that won't be there for the majority of Americans.

Rob "EaBo Clipper" Eno :: Five Things You Should Know Today, January 2, 2012
3. Cantor vs. Boehner Speakership Fight?

There is growing speculation that there will be a speakership fight between Majority Leader Eric Cantor, and Speaker Boehner on Thursday.  This is being fueled by the final tally of the Fiscal Cliff vote last night.  Where the majority of Republicans, led by Eric Cantor, voted against the so-called compromise legislation.

4. WTKK signs off today

WTKK has been given a 3 hour reprieve from death today, to allow Jim Braude, and Margery Eagan the chance to end their show.  A small prediction? Michael Graham will end up on WRKO, he was the highest rated show on WTKK, and according to sources was responsible for most of their profit.  Jeff Kuhner hasn't quite gelled with audiences, I expect Graham will take that slot.

5. Back after hiatus

After the election, I made the concious effort to focus on my day job for a couple months.  It was something I needed to do.  As we start the new year, I'm back.  I thank you all for your patience.

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# 2 should read.... (0.00 / 1)
"Obama payroll tax cut" expires...

Gee Rob, I don't recall you writing a word about Obama pushing and getting this tax lowered.  But the second it expires, you out there spinning this as taxes going up.  Yet another example of the dishonest fraud you are.

Just my thoughts..... (0.00 / 0)
1. It sickens me to know that MA remains steadfast in its unabashed ignorance of what our state politicians are doing.  Most people in the Commonwealth have no clue who the current Speaker of the House is and that the three prior are convicted felons..

2. Ouch!  And the worst part - it hurts low to modest income folks the most.  

3. I would like to see new leadership in the House.  Good bye Boehner - hello Cantor.  

4. I started to listen to the show this morning out of curiousity, and it seemed as though they were expecting us to be heartbroken.  Good riddance Jim and Margery!  Boston is in desperate need of a good talk show host.  

5. Welcome back, and thanks for all you do with RedMassGroup...!

Ed Markey is now the official 'cheapest' man on earth.  1.5 percent to charity while the average American gave 3 times as much...

Disagree (0.00 / 0)
2. Ouch!  And the worst part - it hurts low to modest income folks the most.  

3. I would like to see new leadership in the House.  Good bye Boehner - hello Cantor.

Re: #2.  The payroll tax cut was a gimmick, timed to expire and inevitably did. The only irony was that it was a Democrat idea, i.e. tax relief to jumpstart the economy.  Sounds like supply side to me.

Re: #3.  I see this agreement as a conservative victory.  The Democrats have effectively played all their cards: a symbolic tax increase on the "rich" and little or no spending cuts.  Next, when the debt ceiling vote rolls around, the Democrats have no cards to play.  Republicans should lay out a budget, including some cuts to military (IRAQ is afterall, effectively over) and particularly some reform to Medicare.  Democrats can't respond with "let's raise taxes".  They can't say it because that ship has sailed with the signing of this agreement.

Elizabeth Warren: a bankruptcy professor, bankrupt of ideas

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