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Jim Aloisi Is Sorry For Being A Dick On & Offline

by: Garrett Quinn

Thu Mar 19, 2009 at 12:53:00 PM EDT

While this severely hungover blogger was recovering from a night of drunken debauchery that cute and cuddly Jim Aloisi was making a complete ass of himself while apologizing for making a complete ass of himself.  Several hours after posting a classic defense of his layabout sister's honor, job qualifications and all-around sexiness Aloisi issued a two paragraph apology for his tendency to act like a jerkoff and say stupid shit.

He said, "he meant no disrespect to legislators" even though he said Senate Prez and stand-up comic Therese Murray sucks at creating slogans. He's wicked sorry for treating Mass Pike board members like school children and then there was that time on the Blue Line when he wouldn't give up his seat to an old lady with one leg. His intense passion for "realizing the Governor's reform efforts" causes him to send letters that confuse the hell of out of people and hopefully create a Chris Crocker-like "Leave Carol Alone" video.  

Garrett Quinn :: Jim Aloisi Is Sorry For Being A Dick On & Offline
At least someone in the Patrick administration is paying attention to this walking agenda destroyer. What? You think Aloisi decided to write this on his own? Someone probably went down to his office, smacked him in the face and was like, "Are you serious? Shut the fuck up, you're ruining our plans!"  

I believe it is important to clear the air and move beyond the recent controversies. Since becoming Secretary of Transportation my passion for realizing the Governor's reform efforts has caused me to use language I have later regretted. I have meant no disrespect to legislators or other officials, and I know that only through consensus and collaboration with the Legislature and others can we get ourselves out of the mess we have inherited.

Oh man, is this "inherited mess" crap getting old.  Does a closer complain about coming in with runners at the corners and no outs? Aloisi knows where the bodies are buried so fixing everything that is wrong with our transportation system should be as easy being the chief of staff of nobody.

In addition, last night in an attempt to defend my sister -- who I dearly love -- I posted an ill-advised statement on Blue Mass Group where I wrongly impugned the integrity of the Boston Globe and its reporter Andrea Estes. I apologize for those comments and regret this error in judgment.

The Globe dissed him and proved that they don't care what he thinks by pointing out that his blog post  DIDN'T REFUTE ANYTHING IN THE ARTICLE. And why should they care? The broadsheet is hemorrhaging money and losing readers to awful blogs like this.

I look forward to working with our partners in the Legislature to bring about meaningful transportation reform with renewed vigor and greater humility.

So, he's gonna push for a humble tax hike and try really hard to not act like a dick?  

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Nepotism and Incest at their best! (0.00 / 0)
Hahahaha! Oh man. Only in Massachusetts. Seriously.

This asshole sounds like a huge political liability - and that's saying a LOT given the absurd way this state tends to operate.

I honestly wonder A - why the biggest assholes in the entire universe end up in Massachusetts ... and B - HOW THEY END UP IN STATE GOVERNMENT.

I guess that's what you get in a state that encourages hacktackular behavior - in all facets of its operations.

-Corie Whalen

Ewwww ........Sis looks like (0.00 / 0)
Jim in drag wearing a blond rug and an additional 60 pounds....
Too many Fettuccine Alfredos for this blister

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