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Karyn Polito

Evaluating the MA-GOP's Demands for "Party Unity"

by: Joshua Norman

Tue Apr 08, 2014 at 10:26:21 AM EDT

Last year, my State Committeewoman Lisa Barstow put on her Facebook page that she wanted to hear from fellow Republicans from Brookline, Newton and Wellesley [precincts A,C,D,E, and H] what's working, what's not, how is the GOP going to see victory in 2014. In the wake of the state party's officers demanding "party unity" from the base while defending what happened at the MA-GOP Convention on March 22, I felt compelled to write this open letter in response to those demands:

These "Party Unity" calls don't work anymore because the MA-GOP is just selling bad process and bad candidates committed to maintaining big government, but who think they are the ones who can manage it "more efficiently".

It's absolute lunacy to rally behind this party and excuse it for shafting gubernatorial candidate Mark Fisher. This arrogant mentality has got to go away forever, fast. To say there is an absolute lack of leadership, accountability and transparency in this party is the grossest understatement anyone can ever make. No one can ever find out just what is really going on and it breeds a level of distrust that makes attempts at unity impossible.

I see a party that is out of control, it has lost its focus, it doesn't know where it wants to go and the only way to fix that is to take control of the organization and force the conditions so the party can act like a group of adults in the room and take charge of its own destiny.

There is plenty of talk about the new GOTV tools and the coordinated campaigns, but unless the MA-GOP field candidates that excite the voters, we will continue to lose elections.  Personally, I view the MA-GOP establishment as a Modern Day House of Bourbon in which they all have learned nothing & forgotten nothing.

I do believe that good conservative candidates who run can be competitive and potentially win elections.  The reality is that these things can happen yet our party staffers and operatives are pushing candidates that don't support our platform and our values.  They don't have the willpower to change this culture.  A few years ago, Newton for Fiscal Responsibility, a fiscal stewardship group in my hometown, hosted the author of "Reinventing Government" David Osborne.  When asked what is the difference between organizations that change things versus those that don't, he said that it is simply the willpower to do so period.  I will tell you that I got into being an activist later than most of you all when I saw that our party's political insider clique is content to be the "Loyal Opposition" to the Democrats.  It is clear to me that the MA-GOP is not committed to changing its culture because it keeps pushing a flawed operating process and flawed candidates.

The one good thing about the Democrats is that they are recognizable.  I can tell that they are left-wing, big government socialist statists.  What worries me are people who claim to be Republicans but who support big government candidates and programs.  What especially worries me are people who claim to be "to the right of Attila the Hun and who are way more conservative than I" yet they compromise their stated principles in the "name of electability" when it comes to candidates.  I don't know whether it bothers me more to see "so-called social conservatives" support pro-abortion/pro-gay marriage candidates against socially conservative candidates or whether "so-called fiscal conservatives" support fiscally-squishy candidates against fiscally-conservative candidates.  In the meantime, I'll let those "social club Republicans" talk about "how much more conservative they are than I" while I show how conservative I am through my actions.  I believe in results, not rhetoric.

If the MA-GOP wants "party unity" between the Political Insider Establishment Group and the base, then now is the time to band together to do what is right, let the chips fall where they may, and everybody move forward in unison because we have taken the corruption off the table and cleaned up our house.  My version of cleanup is Fisher is put on the ballot and refunded his $25,000 speaking fee, his case is withdrawn, heads roll at the top, an emergency State Committee meeting is called to elect new officers, and we move forward with everybody feeling that we have turned the corner to an ugly chapter that started out with scandal, but the scandal stops here.

Lastly, I will sum up my objectives for reforming the MA-GOP into five bold statements of purpose:

Platform Before Politicians

Principles Before Party

Regime Changing Reforms Before Relationships

Party Integrity Before Party Unity

Process Matters!

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Karyn Polito's Remarks as Prepared for Delivery

by: Rob "EaBo Clipper" Eno

Sat Mar 22, 2014 at 13:06:07 PM EDT

Thank you, delegates.

I'm humbled and honored for your vote of confidence to take on the challenge that lies ahead of us. I'm ready, so let me ask you: Are you ready to set a new direction for Massachusetts? Are you ready to end one-party rule in state government? Are you ready to make Massachusetts great for everyone? Well I am too.

Indulge me for a moment while I thank some very special people in my life. Let me start with my friend and mentor Paul Cellucci who helped me get started in public service. Paul, I wish you were here with us today. Steve, my best friend, thank you for all you do for our family each and every day. You're the heartbeat of my life and our home.
My son Bobby, he's 10 years old, and my daughter Judy, she's 8, You are my world. And today your mom is so fortunate to have you here. I'm so blessed to have you in my life every single day. It's a treasure to be your mom.

And I learned the value of parenting and the importance of community from my parents Fran and Judy. Now, it's important for me to recognize that my great-grandfather Francesco Polito passed along important ideals to me. He was an Italian immigrant who came to this great state on Columbus Day back in 1909. Arriving here with little but a commitment to hard work and a dream to seize the opportunity for his family that this country and commonwealth offered, he started in a back-breaking job as a laborer building railroads. Out of that, he saved his money and started his own small business making concrete blocks.

He worked with his hands and his heart to build a better life for his family. Today we would call him a small business owner. It's through the family business he started that I understand the concerns of small business owners across Massachusetts. Francesco earned and lived the American Dream. And I want to keep that dream and entrepreneurial spirit alive in the hearts of many who aspire to start a business.

Francesco's story reminds us that there's no substitute for hard work. That we're responsible to build a strong future for our families our neighbors as well as our state and country. It's with those principles that I stand here ready to be your Lieutenant Governor. Because I know that we can --- and will --- do better.

When Charlie Baker and I take office we'll set a new direction. A new direction for our economy so we can start growing jobs again. A new direction for our government so it's as hard working and fiscally responsible as the people it serves. A new direction so that our state can be great --- not just for some people but for all people.
The commonwealth is filled with smart, creative and hardworking people. We're a global leader in so many areas: technology, medicine, and education. So much so that the world sends their kids to our shores for higher education. So it's unacceptable that thousands of people are unemployed or under-employed. It's proof that one-party rule has damaged our economy.

As Governor and Lieutenant Governor our mission, our focus, is to get people working at their full potential again because we feel the frustration of the mothers and fathers who've been laid off and simply can't find meaningful work to support their families. In a great state, everyone who wants to work should be able to get work. And anyone who can work, should work. I believe hardworking individuals and families who play by the rules --- should be able to pursue their American Dreams.
We deserve a state government that reflects the conversations happening at our kitchen tables - a government that balances its checkbook, lives within its means and saves for the future - a government that has a strong safety net for those needing help the most. And may we never again see the day when an innocent child is lost in the care of our state.

So it's time to raise the bar, aim high, and make Massachusetts great for everyone.
As a mother, I care about making sure that my kids get a great education and I understand the disappointment of parents who see neighboring towns with better schools than their kids are attending. Know this, Charlie and I will be relentless in improving our schools so that every child, regardless of their zip code, receives the best in education possible. And we'll also act to bring a college education within reach for every family. Without question, a solid education is the foundation necessary for an industrious life.
Greatness depends on strong, vibrant and safe communities. Charlie and I won't send community leaders false hope. We'll deliver real help. Let me be the first to recognize that this is easy to say and really challenging to do.

You know that it will take more than speeches and political rhetoric for Massachusetts to realize its greatness. You know it will take more than sound bites and slick television commercials for us to create jobs, improve our schools and strengthen our communities. You know it will take real --- and tested ---leadership. I assure you that's what you'll have with Charlie Baker as Governor and Karyn Polito as Lieutenant Governor.
We recognize that greatness is a responsibility we all have to do the best we can for one another. We believe in listening to people and exploring new ideas so we can overcome the inertia of the status quo.

In closing, let me say how excited I am that you're all here today. But we need you out there every day talking to your friends and neighbors, ringing doorbells, hitting social media and seeking every single vote.

I want you to be certain of this: we will campaign everyday with the energy that fills this hall. We will campaign with the compassion that fills all of your hearts. We will campaign with the conviction that our state can achieve a greatness for everyone to share.

It's time. Let's be great.

Thank you all.
And may God bless our Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the United States of America.

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Chatham RTC Celebrates Abraham Lincoln and 9th Congressional Candidates

by: FXMeaney

Mon Feb 10, 2014 at 11:49:32 AM EST

On Sunday, February 9th, the Chatham RTC hosted Republican candidate for Lt. Governor Karyn Polito and, for the first time together, the FOUR Republicans seeking to be the next congressman in the 9th Congressional District, displacing career Democrat William Keating.

Karyn was dynamic and wowed the enthusiastic crowd of about 125.  Each of the four congressional candidates have credentials and real world (private sector!) experience that far exceed Keating's. Each impressed in their five minute talks: John Chapman of Chatham, Mark Alliegro of Falmouth, Vince Cogliano, Jr of Pembroke and Dan Shores of Sandwich.

On the Cape Cod front, we have two districts that can be turned Republican.  We have strong candidates in both. Tim Whelan of Brewster, recently retired from more than 20 years with the state police and a veteran of the Marine Corps reserve, is running for an open seat in the 1st Barnstable District.  Adam Chaprales, a former Sandwich selectman, is taking on a first term Democrat in the 2nd District, which traditionally goes Republican.

This was the Chatham RTCs Third Annual Celebration of Abraham Lincoln's Birthday.  The day's "history lesson" paralleled 1864, 150 years ago this year, when the Civil War and Lincoln's life were approaching their climax in 1865.  In 1864 Lincoln was re-elected handily by ten points, but he swept Massachusetts with 72%.  Now, that's a challenge.

All of the candidates have websites up where contributions can be made.

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I support the only perfect Republican candidate for Governor

by: Publius Menpaean

Sun Jan 26, 2014 at 22:31:57 PM EST

I write this diary in support of the only candidate that has the qualities that can win this year's gubernatorial election. This is a candidate that can appear on the ballot in reality this November, in this election cycle. I am not speaking of some idealized "perfect" candidate. None exists, because no trustworthy person can be all things to all people.

Rather, I will explain the qualities of this candidate, and why they are important.

1. This candidate understands how the media operates.

This candidate understands that as a Republican, they have no hope of defining themselves in the media. They understand the media lies, deliberately and pathologically, about Republican candidates.

They understand that this is how they will allow our candidates to be framed by our opposition:

2. Using the above knowledge, this candidate embraces and includes all of his potential supporters.

This candidate does not allow himself or his running mate to drive a wedge between people that will support him because he fears association with those supporters will be damaging to him. Instead, this candidate will, should he still believe those fears to be justified, use his running mate as a bridge toward those supporters instead of a weapon against them.

In short, this candidate understands that they will be tied inexorably to the Tea Party, to pro-family conservatives, and to religious voters regardless of their attempts to frame themselves otherwise. The opposition lies as a matter of course, the media enables those lies, and the candidate wastes resources fighting those accusations. So this candidate understands that they should embrace, include, and incorporate these voters and their values into his messaging.

3. This candidate has experience in government and in running campaigns.

This candidate has a conception of how internal government affairs works, and knows the rigors of an actual campaign. Ideally this experience is first-hand, so that previous tactical errors can be avoided. This candidate will also have assisted campaigns in the past and been active in local or state initiatives.

4. This candidate has a bold message that demands the will of the voters be implemented.

The one party rule in Massachusetts is not a nuisance, it is an atrocity. This candidate understands that the voters have been wronged by one party rule, and articulates plainly the problems of a government that does not listen. This candidate promises as governor that the ballot initiatives passed by the people in previous years will be honored and enforced by his Governorship, as they should have been for years. This candidate is not afraid to go directly at the source of this injustice: The Democratic Party in Massachusetts, the people it elects and supports, and "independent" candidates that support it with their political giving who are thus indistinguishable from it.

5. This candidate rejects the premises of the left, and argues their beliefs using the language of conviction and Republican philosophy.

This candidate understands that his voters are motivated by conviction and forthrightness. Even if they disagree with his conclusions, as long as he shows that he respects and values their position, he will earn their votes in a general election. This candidate knows people are tired of "different kinds of Republican" that are only different in the sense they can't articulate the Republican philosophy of Respecting the Constitution, Respecting Life, Support for Limited Government, and Championing Personal Responsibility.

This candidate will use this ability to articulate Republican philosophy to offer voters a real choice in November, and in this articulation and inclusiveness he will provide his supporters the motivation they need to win him the governorship.

6. This candidate is not afraid to bring this message to every corner, specifically the cities and minority communities.

The appeal of the Republican message is universal, life affirming, and life empowering. No one needs to hear this message more than the cities and the minority communities. This is not "diversity outreach," it is community engagement. We need to engage the people in these communities who believe that we need to Defend the Constitution, Respect Life, Support Limited Government, and Incentivize Personal Responsibility.

At issue is the fact this has been neglected for so long and will take campaign resources. Many of these places do not even have organized Republican committees. But some do, and every effort must be made to meet with the minority business owners and the food trucks that feed the construction workers at inner city construction projects. GOP Chair Kirsten Hughes stated one of her priorities as chair would be engagement in the cities. It is time to make that a reality. We face electoral disaster if we do not make an effort in the Commonwealth's largest cities. We do have viable State Rep candidates running in both Fall River and Worcester at least - this candidate for Governor will leverage those opportunities.


The perfect candidate for Governor can exist, but does not exist currently. This is because the perfect candidate for Governor presently only achieves, at best, four of the six qualities outlined above.

Mark Fisher lacks the quality of having government experience and having run before. This is a significant disadvantage, and one that cannot physically be made up. Advisors and Supporters can only address this problem so much. This quality is, unique among the others, a function of time and involvement.

Charlie Baker has that important quality that Fisher lacks, but is presently undermining himself, on the fourth, and fifth, and especially the second qualities. He is fortunate that these qualities can be addressed - but it must be turned around quickly, and before the convention.

Either Mark Fisher or Charlie Baker as they could be is the perfect candidate for Governor. Baker has a smaller hill to climb, but it requires more immediate action. Immediate as in before the convention immediate.

Provided here is an action plan for each candidate:


1. Apologize to the Tea Party immediately, and charge your running mate Karyn Polito with reaching out to them as physical proof of the apology. The Statement "anyone associating us with the Tea Party is engaging in negative campaigning" is a death knell to your gubernatorial prospects. You are excluding people who would otherwise support you because it seems you fear the media will define you as Tea Party. That is why I posted the anti-Tisei attack ad above. You ARE going to be tarred with the Tea Party label - you might as well get door knockers, phone bankers, and volunteers out of it instead of assuming the media will let you define yourself otherwise.

2. Re-Adopt your strongest fiscal positions from 2010, and explicitly campaign on the implementation of previous passed ballot initiatives. The very fact these initiatives passed in Massachusetts is indication they are political winners. "Make Massachusetts Great" needs to have some teeth behind it.

3. Articulate your social values using the language of conviction and Republican Principles. It is understood that a significant portion of the Republican base will disagree with you on your conclusions. By using the language of conviction and tying it to Republican philosophy, you will at least present your values in terms these voters respect. Your presentation should include how your values represent Respect for the Constitution, Respect for Life, Support for Limited Government, and Championing Personal Responsibility.


1. Surround yourself with politically knowledgeable people that have been in office and / or run state-wide campaigns before. Your biggest liability is the gulf in time you have had to make connections and make yourself known.

2. Focus your campaign on an inclusive Republicanism. Republican moderates need to understand that you are running against Democrats, not against Baker personally for being too socially liberal. Use your own personal experiences as a contrast to emphasize your strong points as a person and candidate. The same language of conviction and Republican philosophy must remain your cornerstone as well.

3. Prepare for a hostile media onslaught. As a newcomer you are more undefined than most other candidates in the race, and as a newcomer Republican you have the smallest immediate base of voters that can counter-message media narratives on your behalf. Knowing the media is an enemy is not enough, you need to have a battle plan for any statement they might use against you, real or fabricated. Have people do opposition research on yourself.

The perfect candidate for Governor does exist, in reality, and that is who I support. It's up to Baker and Fisher to prove to me and the Republican voters which of them that candidate is going to be for us this November, if any.

Respectfully submitted,
~Brian Kennedy, Republican Activist
(508) 451-0574

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Meet The New GOP Brand - Same As The Old GOP Brand

by: The Angelic One

Thu Jan 23, 2014 at 11:20:07 AM EST

"I can see by your eyes, you must be lying
When you think I don't have a clue.
Baby you're crazy if you think that you can fool me
Because I've seen that movie too."

- "I've Seen That Movie Too" by Elton John & Bernie Taupin (1973)

The Lowell Sun recently published an article on an interview its editorial board had with former Republican State Representative Karyn Polito. Polito is currently running for the office of Lieutenant Governor and the interview with the Mill City newspaper was part of her campaign swing through the GOP-friendly Merrimack Valley area.

The only way Republicans can recapture the corner office in the Statehouse is by "redefining" themselves, GOP lieutenant-governor candidate Karyn Polito told an informal meeting of The Sun's editorial board Tuesday.

And she said no one is more capable of carrying the Republican mantra in Massachusetts than herself and the 2010 Republican gubernatorial nominee, Charles Baker, who lost to Democrat Deval Patrick by six percentage points.

If Polito said "Charlie and I" 10 times during the session, she said it 100 times.

Also frequently mentioned were "Bill and Paul," as in Republicans William Weld and Paul Cellucci, who captured the corner office in 1991 as governor and lieutenant governor on a message of fiscal conservatism and social liberalism that resonated across the commonwealth.

There's More... :: (36 Comments, 471 words in story)

Baker Campaign Raises $427,546 In December, With Polito raised more than all other Dems combined

by: Rob "EaBo Clipper" Eno

Tue Jan 07, 2014 at 07:22:29 AM EST

Today, Charlie Baker's campaign announced it raised $427,546 in December, more than any month since entering the race.  Karyn Polito, Charlie's running mate, raised $154,631. Together, Baker and Polito raised more than the Democratic frontrunners combined in December.

Baker's 2013 Fundraising Summary:
-$960,073 Total Raised
-94% Of Contributors From Massachusetts
-3787 Total Contributors
-Over 50% Of Contributions Were $200 or Less

Polito's 2013 Fundraising Summary:
-$154,631 Total Raised
-98% Of Contributors From Massachusetts
-606 Total Individual Contributors
-Nearly 50% Of Contributions Were $200 Or Less

"As we head into the New Year, Charlie and Karyn's campaign for job creation, better schools and safer, stronger communities is gaining momentum and resonating with voters across the state," said Mark Fuller, Baker campaign Finance Director. "That so many support this campaign is truly humbling and every dollar contributed will help us tell voters about Charlie's proven, hands-on leadership creating jobs, lowering taxes and solving big problems."  

A Baker Campaign Press Release was used in the writing of this story

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Conservatives Sour on Baker/Polito. Mark Fisher an alternative. And a modest proposal

by: tenminutemajor

Mon Dec 09, 2013 at 18:46:06 PM EST

The Republican ticket of Charlie Baker and Karyn Polito may be the most liberal Republican ticket in Massachusetts history, at least, the last few decades, anyway.  (Yeah, Richard Tisei may be a little bit more liberal than Polito on paper. but the way Charlie Baker is running now is a LOT more liberal than the way he ran in 2010.)

It's so liberal that conservatives are getting annoyed with and souring on the liberal Baker/Polito ticket.

Social conservative activists are threatening to walk away from Republican gubernatorial candidate Charlie Baker after his running mate, former state representative Karyn E. Polito, reversed her position this week, endorsing gay marriage.

According to state Republican Party insiders, some of Polito's closest allies in the battle against gay marriage are pressing the former Shrewsbury lawmaker to dial back her new stance on the issue or risk losing their support.

And the Baker's campaign's explanation is that Karyn Polito is JUST LIKE BARRY OBAMA!

"Karyn supported civil unions at a time when most Republicans did not,'' said Tim Buckley, Baker's campaign spokesman. "Like many, including President Obama, Karyn's position has evolved, and she now supports the existing law and will not work to undo the progress achieved over the last decade."

This is for real. Baker's campaign's defense is that Karyn Polito is just like Barry Obama. wow!

According to GOP leaders, demands for a retraction stemmed in part from Chanel Prunier, executive director of the Coalition for Marriage and Family and a close political ally of Polito. She was elected the state party's national committeewoman earlier this year and has served as a reminder to moderate Republicans of the party's conservative base.

A GOP leader with strong social conservative leanings said Thursday that party conservatives are now trying to pressure their ideological colleagues to back Fisher.

So who is this "Fisher"?  A real conservative running for Governor as a Republican.

A Shrewsbury business owner says he is seeking the Republican nomination for governor in Massachusetts.

Mark Fisher, who has never sought elective office, announced his candidacy in a recent press release.

Charles Baker, the former head of Harvard Pilgrim Health Care and the 2010 GOP nominee for governor, is running again for the office.

Fisher said his first priority as governor would be to remove all tolls on the Massachusetts Turnpike.

On his website, Fisher describes himself as a member of the tea party and a political outsider.

He reported a campaign account balance of just under $45,000 in a filing this past week with the state Office of Campaign and Political Finance.

So here's the modest proposal I refferenced in the title. If your undecided on Charlie Baker, or at least not enthusiastic about Baker, give Mark Fisher a look!

If Fisher is able to galvanize some support among the grassroots, it will at least remind Baker that his base is (supposed to be) real Republicans and that he can articulate conservative values and still win, if he does so confidently and proudly and not try to be Democrat-lite. Lets see Baker and Fisher discuss the issues. Help Fisher at least try to remind Baker of the party he claims to represent.

Mark Fisher's website is and his Facebook is and his Twitter is

As a reminder that Mark Fisher is a businessman who will lower tolls and taxes and create jobs, he even has a Linked in at

Seriously, give Mark Fisher a look, and show support for core conservative values. Either you'll help a real conservative like Mark Fisher win, or at least you'll help remind Charlie Baker that a common sense conservative base can't be ignored.

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MassDems Comment on White Woman Associating With Black Man at Jewish Event

by: Rob "EaBo Clipper" Eno

Tue Dec 03, 2013 at 17:19:26 PM EST

Moments after Charlie Baker announced he was running as a team with Karyn Polito the Massachusetts Democratic Party furiously tweeted out a link to the following press release:

BOSTON - While Republican Charlie Baker attempts to reinvent himself following his failed 2010 gubernatorial campaign, the Boston Globe yesterday revealed Baker is cooperating with Tea Party backed Karyn Polito "behind the scenes" about teaming up to form the Republican Party ticket.  

"In spite of what he's saying, he is the same Charlie Baker who ran in 2010," said Massachusetts Democratic Party Chair Tom McGee. "Charlie is crisscrossing the Commonwealth trying to reshape his image but privately he is trying to appease the Tea Party wing of the Republican Party."

Polito, who has become a fixture at Tea Party events in Massachusetts, was given an award in August by Tea Party extremist and former Republican Congressman Allen West. The event, billed as a "passing of the torch" from West to Polito, included remarks from the former Congressman who once compared President Obama to Hitler and called the Democratic Party a "21st Century plantation."  

While Massachusetts voters overwhelmingly support marriage equality, Polito supported banning gay marriage and even served as campaign chair for Tea Party favorite Michael Sullivan's bid for the Republican nomination to fill John Kerry's U.S. Senate seat.

The "Tea Party" event in question was put on by the Hausman Memorial Free Speech Speaker Series, a Jewish lecture series held at the Ahavath Torah Congregation in Stoughton.

Seemingly the Democratic Party in Massachsuetts hates free speech. Of course Karyn Polito has also hob-nobbed with Sarah Palin in Boston, but two women talking doesn't really have the same sizzle does it?

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Karyn Polito Seemingly Set to Announce for Lieutenant Governor in Shrewsbury Tomorrow Morning

by: Rob "EaBo Clipper" Eno

Mon Dec 02, 2013 at 21:18:57 PM EST

Karyn Polito sent out a Media Advisory that she will be announcing her future political plans tomorrow.  As Dan Winslow already pulled the prank of doing this and not announcing, it is pretty safe to say Karyn will not be.  

All indications are that she will announce a campaign for Lieutenant Governor.

Karyn Polito To Make Announcement Regarding 2014 Election

Shrewsbury- Tomorrow, Karyn Polito will make an announcement regarding her plans for the 2014 election cycle at Brody's diner in her hometown of Shrewsbury.

Tuesday, December, 3 2013:

What: 2014 Election Announcement
When: 10:15 AM
Where: Brody's Diner, 308 Hartford Turnpike, Shrewsbury MA, 01545

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Five Things: Worcester Urban Renewal Eminent Domain, Claros Fund., Boldyga milks goat and more....

by: Rob "EaBo Clipper" Eno

Mon Aug 12, 2013 at 06:58:39 AM EDT

Worcester <3s Kelo Decision

Worcester, Massachusetts is planning on doing their best Connecticut city impersonation, and planning on using eminent domain to seize buildings from property owners they feel aren't utilizing their property correctly.  The Telegram has the story.

Now they are threatening to wrest ownership of the small, indoor shopping center at 22 Front St., across from City Hall, from longtime owner Dean Marcus.

The tool that they could use to take over the mall - and other deteriorated downtown buildings - is eminent domain, the power of government to seize private property for the greater good.

And the vehicle for the exercise of that power is the newly reconstituted Worcester Redevelopment Authority. The long dormant quasi-public agency, which has eminent domain authority, has been rejuvenated with $500,000 to develop a formal urban renewal plan, the required legal precursor to any eminent domain takings.

"How long when you are a person of means can you sit on a property that does not serve the interests of the community?" said District 2 City Councilor Philip P. Palmieri, whose district includes the mall and who has been calling for years for the mall to be redeveloped. "A couple of major property owners shouldn't be able to unilaterally adversely impact growth in our city."

That kind of sounds, Councilor Palmeri, like the "needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few".  Isn't this still America?

Carol Claros Fundraiser in Shrewsbury

Karyn Polito is headlining a fundraiser for Carol Claros in Shrewsbury later this month.  

Republican Women Leaders' Reception

                 Honorary Chairwoman
                             Karyn Polito

                     Host Committee
   State Representative Shaunna O'Connell
             State Representative Leah Cole
Kirsten Hughes, MA Republican Party Chairwoman
                       Desiree Awiszio
                    Mary Connaughton
                       Beth Lindstrom
                       Holly Robichaud
                         Hannah Kane
Chanel Prunier, Republican National Committeewoman
    State Committee Woman Bonnie Lund Johnson
  State Committee Woman Mindy McKenzie-Hebert
                The Honorable Jody Dow
         Angela Davis, Secretary of MA GOP

   Join these GOP Women Leaders for a
          Special Reception in Honor of
                         Carol Claros
Republican Candidate for State Representative

               Tuesday, August 20, 2013
                           7 to 9pm
           Italian American Victory Club
                     26 Dewey Road
                     Shrewsbury, MA

There's More... :: (5 Comments, 752 words in story)

Thank you Scott Brown, and thank you Team Brown.

by: Jim McKenna

Sat Feb 02, 2013 at 11:43:13 AM EST

( - promoted by Rob "EaBo Clipper" Eno)

September 2009 was pretty bleak.  The likelihood of anyone from our party making the upcoming special election competitive was small, the chances of winning were dismal.  But Scott Brown stepped into the breach - thanks to what he did and what Team Brown did - the people who tirelessly made calls and who stood in the snow holding signs on that magical day in January, 2010 - everything changed.

The magnitude of that change was profound, and should not now be forgotten.  It is most evident when September 2009 is contrasted with February 2013.  As a direct result of the change made by Scott Brown and Team Brown, the field of good, credible candidates who may run for Senate now is full - from Dan Winslow, to Bill Weld, to Lew Evangelidis, to Tom Wesley, to Karyn Polito, to Richard Tisei, to Kerry Healey, to Jon Golnick, to Bob Hedlund, to Sean Bielat.  As a direct result of that change, we have two very strong candidates - Mary Connaughton and Charlie Baker - who hopefully will run next year.  Plus, as a direct result of that change, those who will lead our party in the not-to-distant future - people like Ryan Fattman and Shauna O'Connell - are moving past the beginning of the beginnings of their careers.

In some ways, one-party dominance has not served even the Democratic Party well - John Kerry was the last home-grown politician from their party to be newly-elected Governor or Senator.  And he was first elected before Massachusetts last cast its electoral votes for the Republican (1984 was a long time back - Larry Bird was still winning championships, Jim Rice was batting cleanup for the Red Sox, Tom Brady was graduating from kindergarten, and the parents of the Bruins top scorer were still in elementary school - ok, I'm guessing about elementary school, but it could be true).  Everyone, even the Democratic Party, would benefit from working balance.

Let us now follow the gracious recommendation of Rick Green, and fully support Kirsten Hughes.  With respect to the United States Senate, as a party, we are undefeated in special elections held on snowy January days; with Kirsten's good leadership, a strong candidate, and the work of those who were Team Brown, may we remain undefeated in special elections held on sunny days in June.

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Attention Central Mass Republicans and Conservative Independents

by: cdplakeville

Tue Aug 30, 2011 at 08:40:35 AM EDT

( - promoted by Rob "EaBo Clipper" Eno)

Please join the Honorable Karyn Polito, former candidate for attorney general Jim McKenna, former congressional candidate Tom Wesley, Representative Peter Durant, Representative Ryan Fattman, Representative Kevin Kuros, Representative Steven Levy, Representative Kim Ferguson, and activists across Central MA for a special event to support Keiko Orral in the 12th Bristol District.

$20 Suggested Contribution
$50 Silver Sponsors
$100 Gold Sponsors

RSVP by emailing
Donate online today at:

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Governor Tim Pawlenty to headline Greater Boston Tea Party Tax Day rally

by: CVarley

Wed Mar 30, 2011 at 12:05:09 PM EDT

( - promoted by Rob "EaBo Clipper" Eno)

For Immediate Release:

The Greater Boston Tea Party will hold its third annual Tax Day rally on Friday, April 15th from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm at the Boston Common Bandstand.

The Greater Boston Tea Party is an all volunteer, non-profit public policy advocacy organization that works to restore and defend the Constitution of the United States.  Formed in 2010, the organization conducts open-to-the-public rallies, meetings, candidate meet-and-greets, grassroots activist trainings and legislation education events in the Greater Boston area.  

Members of the organization are excited to welcome Governor Tim Pawlenty's message of fiscal discipline to our annual Tax Day TEA Party rally.  "Governor Pawlenty's leadership in Minnesota has put his state on a course towards economic success," said Christen Varley, President of GBTP.  "His is a message voters need to hear."

The list of participating speakers/performers is as follows:

Musical acts Black Diamond Band and Chris Ross

Christen Varley, President, GBTP

Michael Graham, 96.9 FM talk, Rally Emcee

Rev. Paul Jehle, Plymouth Rock Foundation

Dick Patten,

John Lumbard, Americans for a Balanced Budget Amendment

Karyn Polito, former State Representative and candidate for State Treasurer

Representatives from

Loren Spivack, The Free Market Warrior

Jim Stergios, Pioneer Institute

John Stephen, former NH candidate for Governor

Governor Tim Pawlenty

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In response to Chairman Nassour's comments re: Karyn Polito on WCVB

by: DeanCavaretta

Wed Feb 09, 2011 at 14:07:54 PM EST

I found The MassGop Chair's comments on WCVB's OTR Program regarding Karyn Polito and our statewide results extremely disappointing and one-sided.

The Chairman seemed to negatively imply that by attending a Tim Cahill for Governor event, Rep. Polito somehow endorsed the fmr Treasurer's botched campaign for Governor. In fact, Karyn endorsed Charlie Baker and donated to his Committee.

As Karyn's senior staffer who oversaw a majority of her scheduling, I supported the idea of sending her to the Cahill event to attract the support of disenfranchised Democrats and Unenrolled voters, particularly on the South Shore. Why? Because that is the ONLY way a Republican candidate for statewide office can win in Massachusetts. And Jennifer Nassour knows it. Or should know that fact.

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Karyn Polito Not Out of Hot Water over Alleged Ethics Violation

by: ConcernedVoterInMass

Thu Dec 02, 2010 at 06:29:59 AM EST

Losing doesn't mean that the investigation ends:

The State Ethics Commission is investigating whether state Representative Karyn E. Polito violated the state's conflict-of-interest law and secured coveted low-number Red Sox license plates for herself, her family, her friends, and supporters, according to two sources with direct knowledge of the agency's actions.

The Ethics Commission has asked the Registry of Motor Vehicles for plate applications submitted by drivers with ties to Polito from 2002 to the present, according to the sources, who were not authorized to speak for the record.

Using your position of power to hook up friends with undeserved benefits not available to (or cutting in line ahead of) the general public is an ethics violation - even if you personally don't think it's a big deal or the benefit isn't that expensive or even if the individual has an R next to her name.

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Fact Check : Grossman Ad Misstates Polito Actions on License Plates

by: bigdog

Mon Nov 01, 2010 at 21:34:54 PM EDT

According to a breaking news story on,

Grossman, in trying to gain an edge over Polito in what polls suggest is a very tight race, wrongly asserts that she secured plates reserved for a charity auction.

Should anyone be surprised that Grossman defaulted to the gutter style, dirty politics of the past.  Massachusetts deserves so much better than the negative lies of this democrat insider.

Go Karyn Polito, our next State Treasurer

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Did Karyn Polito Violate Conflict-of-Interest Law?

by: ConcernedVoterInMass

Tue Oct 26, 2010 at 13:02:00 PM EDT

Based on the facts laid out in this article, it sure seems like it:

The "RS" license plates, in existence for seven years, have been so popular that the Registry of Motor Vehicles is running out. When six plates were auctioned for charity in 2003, they drew huge sums: Ben Affleck paid $50,000 for the number 1, and Red Sox minority owner Phillip H. Morse bid $140,000 for Ted Williams's retired number 9.

So how did more than two-thirds of the first 100 numbers go to state Representative Karyn Polito, a Shrewsbury Republican running for state treasurer, her friends, relatives, campaign donors, and others with ties to her? [...]

Within a year after the legislation was signed by Governor Mitt Romney, Polito and her family were outfitted with some of the choicest plates. Polito received number 2. Her father and brother's companies and other relatives were assigned numbers 20, 21, 24, 26, and 80. Number 30 was originally issued to a Polito supporter from Shrewsbury, then traded like a baseball card, first to her father's company, Polito Development Corp., in 2004 and then to her husband, Stephan Rodolakis, later in that year, according to records.

In fact, 68 of the first 100 "RS" plates issued went to people with ties to Polito, many of whom live in Shrewsbury, according to Registry records. The Registry lets charities assign plate numbers to the first 1,500 applicants.

Jimmy Fund officials and Polito said the plates were available to anyone who applied and that the numbers were assigned on a first come, first served basis after the bill was signed into law Sept. 26, 2002.

Registry records, however, contradict that. On all 68 applications, the words "per KPolito'' or some variation appears, according to the documents, obtained through a public records request.

Dozens of applicants applied before Polito's friends, relatives, and donors, but received higher numbered plates

Polito's response was that, since she was leading the charge to create the plate, and since the RMV requires 1,500 pre-paid applications before they'll go to press on new charity plates, it makes sense that she'd reach out to family, friends, and supporters. That makes perfect sense, except that (and the Globe lists some clear examples) members of the general public got in line ahead of Polito's People but were given numbers behind Polito's People.

And that's where the conflict of interest issue comes into play:

The state's conflict-of-interest law prohibits officials from receiving anything of substantial value because of an official act. In addition, the law bars officials from getting anything of value for themselves or others not available to the general public.

Polito, who is running for treasurer as a watchdog who will fight what she calls the culture of corruption on Beacon Hill, did not explain why her name appeared on dozens of applications. but called the plate program "a huge success story" [...]

In 2004, the State Ethics Commission cracked down on politicians receiving playoff tickets from professional sports teams, saying that if the tickets were not available to the general public, politicians should not get special treatment, even if they pay face value. Later that year, the Ethics Commission clarified the rules in a special advisory opinion.

"Whenever a public employee is offered anything from a private party,'' it wrote, "he must first ask himself two questions: (1) whether the thing being offered is of 'substantial value' and, if so, (2) whether it is being offered for or because of any official act or act within his official responsibility that he performed or will perform.'' The commission has defined substantial value as anything worth $50 or more.

Given that the low-number plates were being auctioned off for thousands and thousands of dollars, I think we can agree that a two-digit plate had a "value" of $50 or more.

We all agree, I'm sure, that the fact that the plates exist is a good thing, raising money for the Jimmy Fund, a wonderful cause. But the question here isn't the quality of cause, which is wonderful, but rather it is an instance when a Beacon Hill insider - in this case Polito - apparently helped herself to a plum perk that she shouldn't have.

Polito wants to be our watchdog, but here's an instance in which it looks like she put us regular people at the back of the line behind her family, friends, and supporters. I'd like to hear her explain this before the election.

(And, before someone comments that "it's just license plate numbers," I'd pre-respond that it's not "just" license plate numbers, it's public trust. You can't decry fraud and favoritism and conflicts of interest on Beacon Hill, but then disregard it when it's committed by a Republican.)

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Boston Herald Endorses Karyn Polito for Treasurer

by: KarynPolitoForTreasurer

Thu Oct 21, 2010 at 16:58:33 PM EDT

This afternoon, the Boston Herald officially announced its endorsement of Karyn Polito for the office of State Treasurer.

..The edge goes to Polito, a hard-nosed fiscal conservative, who has pledged not to accept a state pension and will work to get all elected officials out of that system....

Reforming the way the current pension fund is managed - now with 130 outside active managers all collecting fees and 25 administrators on the state payroll, most of them collecting salaries of more than $100,000 plus bonuses - is also high on her to-do list.

Polito, who currently serves as a state rep from Shrewsbury, has earned a good deal of street cred for holding up a $400 million supplemental budget this month in the House - that is until a traffic jam proved her undoing.

It was a gutsy move - one that indicates she has what it takes to face down the spenders on Beacon Hill. And that alone deserves a vote.

To read the full endorsement, please click here.

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Polito Demands Answers on Unexpected Pension Fund Gap

by: KarynPolitoForTreasurer

Thu Oct 21, 2010 at 10:55:10 AM EDT

(Patrick and Cahill have some xplainin to do. - promoted by Rob "EaBo Clipper" Eno)

The state's pension obligations next year are set to cost taxpayers about $900 million more than the current year, and Karyn Polito yesterday asked the Patrick administration why this information was not disclosed to investors when the Commonwealth went to market over the summer with its most recent bond sales.

Polito sent a letter to Governor Patrick on Wednesday noting that the anticipated $900 million increase in the state's pension operating budget subsidy is much more than administration officials previously expected. In the letter, Polito questioned why financial prospectuses released by the administration over the summer projected a much smaller increase, and further requested that the administration clarify its disclosure in future bond deals. Polito also asked the Governor what plans he has to address the funding gap in the context of the $2 billion budget gap already projected for next year.

The full text of Polito's letter follows:

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Worcester Telegram Endorses Karyn Polito for Treasurer

by: KarynPolitoForTreasurer

Thu Oct 21, 2010 at 07:29:58 AM EDT

The Worcester Telegram and Gazette has officially announced its endorsement of Karyn Polito for the office of State Treasurer.

Here's some of what they said:

Shrewsbury's Karyn Polito has earned a reputation as a tenacious advocate for better government. During 10 years as a state representative, she has been an outspoken leader of a vastly outnumbered band of Republicans, and worked tirelessly to shed greater light into the darker recesses of Beacon Hill politics....

The Telegram & Gazette endorses Karyn Polito for state treasurer because she has made a persuasive case that the current administration - including the current treasurer - has not done enough to address pension abuses and unfunded liabilities, to bring down the state's debt, and to control spending....

A vote for Ms. Polito is a vote for positive change.

You can read the full endorsement here.

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