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Special Elections

Todd Taylor for State Representative: Five More Days Til Victory!

by: mecowett

Thu Mar 27, 2014 at 08:16:32 AM EDT

(Todd Taylor is a great candidate Stay tuned for the podcast. - promoted by Rob "EaBo Clipper" Eno)

Loyal RMG readers: Please see below the email I sent out to my  list a few minutes ago. We have a great chance to stun #mapoli next Tuesday. Here's how you can help!

Dear Friends,

Good morning! In just 5 days, there's going to be three special elections with Republicans running. Yes, that's right, the elections are on April 1 -- April Fool's Day -- and we hope the joke will be on the Democrats.

I'm managing the campaign for one of those three Republicans, Todd Taylor, who's running for state rep in the 16th Suffolk District. That district includes parts of Chelsea, Revere, or Saugus. This district is ranked 74th out of 160: Scott Brown won here in 2010, 54-44%, and it's very similar in its makeup to the district Shaunna O'Connell won later that year. There is also likely to be very low turnout on Election Day -- we can probably win with 2,000 votes. Many of you have already been generous in your support, for which we are very grateful.

Todd and his campaign have done tons of work thus far, but we have a lot left to do to turn out enough of our voters to win next Tuesday. If we can pull this off, and I think we're in great shape to do just that, it will be huge news: not only do we win another seat, but that victory would be just our second legislative win in Suffolk County in FORTY YEARS. Imagine the headlines!

To win, though, we need your help. Right now, we need THREE things:
1. In order to fully execute our GOTV plans, we could always use a bit more money. Your donation of $100, $50, $25, or even $15 would go a long way toward victory. You can donate online here donate online, or you can send a check to the Committee to Elect Todd Taylor, 45 Nichols St, Chelsea, MA 02150.

2. We also need volunteers. Whether you prefer to make phone calls or knock on doors, please email me or call me (617.866.0802). We will be focusing on door-knocking in Revere, and phone calls can be made from the MassVictory office in Stoneham (451 Main St, 2nd Fl.) or from home. We can use all the help we can get for the home stretch of the campaign! Every call made and door knocked is another step toward turning out the votes we need to win.

3. Related to #2, please share this with other Republicans you know in the area, especially if they're in or around the Chelsea-Revere-Saugus area!

4. Last but certainly not least, we'll also be using the FaceBank concept worked on by edfactor, where you can send direct messages to friends and friends of friends who live in the 16th Suffolk details.

Again, please feel free to get in touch by phone or email at any time. I'd be more than happy to talk about the campaign!

All best and many thanks,
~Michael Cowett

P.S. To elect another Republican to the House and produce headlines about GOP success in - gasp! - Suffolk County, please donate $100, $50, $25, or even $15 today, and let us know when you'll be able to volunteer!

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Monica, Dan and Todd need your support!

by: Rob "EaBo Clipper" Eno

Wed Mar 19, 2014 at 10:59:57 AM EDT

We are a little less than two weeks away from the April 1, 2014 legislative special elections.  There are three fantastic candidates running for these seats.  All three have a chance to win.

What they need now, more than anything is money to get their message out in the final week. You should consider making a donation.  

Monica Medeiros is accepting donations here.

Todd Taylor is accepting donations here.

Finally Dan Allie is accepting donations here.

Your contribution of $50 will help them each buy about 120 mail pieces.  

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Todd Taylor Announces Candidacy for 16th Suffolk State Rep Seat

by: mecowett

Thu Jan 30, 2014 at 15:15:11 PM EST

(This is a district that Scott Brown won significantly in 2010. - promoted by Rob "EaBo Clipper" Eno)

I'm very pleased to be serving as Todd's campaign manager. I believe this is a very exciting opportunity for our party. Our kickoff event will take place at Casa Lucia in Revere next Tuesday (2/4) from 7-9 pm. If you're interested in attending, please sign up here. Chanel Prunier and Rep. Leah Cole will be in attendance, among others!

CHELSEA, MA - Prattville resident Todd Taylor announced today that he intends to seek the Republican nomination for state representative in the 16th Suffolk District, where a special election will be held on April 1 to replace departing Rep. Kathi-Anne Reinstein. Taylor said that his campaign will submit approximately 200 certified signatures, easily surpassing the required total of 150. The campaign will be hosting a kickoff event for friends and supporters on Tuesday, February 4th at Revere's Casa Lucia.

"It's time to bring in new voices and change Beacon Hill," Taylor said. "While I appreciate Representative Reinstein's many years of service, I believe that the people of the district want a fresh face. I plan to offer a real alternative to voters in Chelsea, Revere, and Saugus between now and April 1."

Taylor, who lives with his family on Nichols Street, stated that he plans to make economic growth and education the centerpieces of his campaign. The owner of a staffing company that has employed hundreds of Chelsea, Revere, and Saugus residents, Taylor believes that his first-hand experiences will allow him to understand important issues from a different perspective.

"Every single day, I see the troubling incentives that poorly-designed government programs have on those seeking employment. We must enact significant reforms so that people don't risk hurting their families' livelihoods by working harder, and so that it is easier to become independent of government assistance. We're all better off when people are able to provide for themselves." he said.

As the parent of two young children, Taylor is also focused on education, which he sees as the key to a successful future for the next generation. He mentioned that one of his children attends a charter school, and noted how impressed he's been with their results.

"What works for my child might not work for yours," he said. "Public charter schools encourage innovative approaches and new methods too often stifled elsewhere, and those are increasingly important in our diverse and ever-changing society. We should be empowering parents to select from an array of choices so that all of our children can flourish."

Taylor added that he looked forward to a hard-fought campaign during which he plans to meet with as many voters as possible.

For more information, contact or get in touch with me at
The campaign's web presence is still being developed, but you can find us on Facebook (ToddTaylorForRep) and follow us on Twitter (@ToddTaylor4Rep).

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Monica Medeiros to Run in 5th Middlesex Special Election

by: Rob "EaBo Clipper" Eno

Mon Jan 20, 2014 at 08:53:28 AM EST

On Tuesday, November, 5, 2013, Monica Medeiros (R-Melrose) garnered the most votes in the, at-large, Melrose City Council election.  She was sworn in as an at-large Councilor last week.  On Saturday, Medeiros announced her candidacy, as a Republican, for the 5th Middlesex Senate District special election.  The election is scheduled, along with four others, for April 1, 2014. Medeiros announced via Facebook.

The district is ranked as the 20th most Republican district in the state when you look at the 2010 Scott Brown Special Election and the 2010 Gubernatorial Election.  Both Scott Brown and Charlie Baker won the district, and it has an R+2 rating.  Scott Brown won by a vote of 53%-46% on January 19, 2010 and Charlie Baker won the district with a plurality of 47%-45%.

The district includes all of Melrose, Malden, Reading, Stoneham, Wakefield and precincts 1,2,3 and 8 of Winchester.  In the 2012 election 84,621 total votes were cast in the district.  25,669 of those votes were blanks and 696 were write-ins.  In an uncontested race, blanks and write-ins were 31.2% of the total votes cast.  

more after the jump

There's More... :: (6 Comments, 36 words in story)

Frank Addivinola Finally Gets to Debate Katherine Clark

by: Newton4G

Fri Dec 06, 2013 at 17:26:59 PM EST

From the Malden Observer

With less than a week to go before a special election, congressional candidates Katherine Clark, Democratic state senator of Melrose, and Republican Frank Addivinola of Boston are set for their first televised debate.
New England Cable News announced Thursday morning that Clark and Addivinola will debate at 3 p.m. Friday and the cable channel will air the debate at 6 p.m. and 8 p.m. Rebroadcasts are planned for Saturday at 11:30 a.m. and Sunday at 10 a.m.
The special election to fill the Fifth District seat in the U.S. House formerly held by Sen. Edward Markey is Tuesday. Independent James Aulenti of Wellesley and Justice Peace Security candidate James Hall of Arlington are also on the ballot.

Read more:
Follow us: @MaldenObserver on Twitter

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Special MA Congress election this Tuesday. Pro-family Republican being snubbed by GOP Establishment

by: Newton4G

Tue Dec 03, 2013 at 23:05:03 PM EST

I received this email from MassResistance, which is run by Republican Ward 4 Ward Committeeman Brian Camenker, former President of the Newton Taxpayers Association

Ho - hum. Another day, another pro-family Republican congressional candidate being thrown under the bus by the GOP establishment. But this time it's especially upsetting because this is a special election -- next Tuesday, Dec. 10 -- against a particularly odious radical Democrat.

You may recall that in the 2012 general election, the national (and local Massachusetts) Republican establishment put considerable financial resources behind Richard Tisei, a pro-abortion "out" homosexual activist RINO Republican running for Congress, who unsuccessfully tried to unseat the Democrat incumbent, John Tierney (a political hack who might have been defeated by a good candidate).

Special election for Congress

That was the 6th District. This month there's a special election (an open seat) in the neighboring 5th District. But this time the Republican is a pro-family conservative running against a very radical Democrat, and the Republican establishment seems to be staying as far away as possible.

Earlier this year, when Barack Obama appointed John Kerry to be Secretary of State, an election was held for his vacated Massachusetts US Senate seat. Edward Markey, who was the Congressman in the 5th District, won, leaving his seat vacant. Next Tuesday, Dec. 10, is the election to fill that Congressional seat. The choice could not be clearer.

The Democrat

Katherine Clark, a state Senator, is the Democrat in the race. She won a seven-candidate primary in October. If elected, Clark would likely be the most radical Massachusetts member of Congress since Barney Frank -- maybe even worse. She would certainly be as combative as Frank. She's very open about wanting to go to Washington "to fight against radical Republicans."

Katherine Clark, (then a State Rep) was quite demonstrative at the bizarre State House signing ceremony for the Transgender Rights and Hate Crimes bill on January 19, 2012. Standing near her, at bottom, was the Executive Director of MassEquality (a woman dressed as a male). At Clark's right was "out" lesbian State Rep. Sarah Peake. To her immediate left was former State Rep Alice Wolf, a school sex-ed champion.

According to Clark's campaign literature that we've seen:
Says she'll fight against the Republican "war on women."
Is solidly pro-abortion. Funded by Emily's List. Will fight for continued public funding for Planned Parenthood.
Will strongly support "LGBT rights." Was endorsed by MassEquality.
Pro-gun control. Says she "will work to end the NRA's stranglehold on Congress."
In past elections, she's also been endorsed by the ultra-left Democratic Socialists of America.

Clark is a true far-left ideologue. In our experience, Katherine Clark's dislike of people with traditional values is deep and visceral. For example, this past year as a State Senator and Senate chairman of the Joint Judiciary Committee, she ran the infamous "Public Hearing from Hell" on July 9, which included many important "culture war" bills. The hearing began at 1:00 pm. During the day she allowed numerous homosexual groups to testify. But the pro-family people were forced to wait until 10 pm to testify, and most of them had left by then.

The public hearing from hell run by Katherine Clark on July 9. Her committee packed 210 bills into one day, and made pro-family people wait until 10 pm for a chance to testify.  

It doesn't get much worse than that.

The Republican

Clark's Republican opponent is Frank Addivinola, a lawyer, college instructor, and businessman. He easily won a 3-candidate primary, and is widely liked by GOP grassroots activists. He is pro-life, pro-family, pro-traditional marriage, and is also strong on a range of conservative issues. He wouldn't exactly be a conservative firebrand, though. He told us that he would not vote to impeach Barack Obama, which is annoying but no different from most of the other Republicans in the US House. As a campaigner, he is quite articulate and has been a very hard worker going across the district.  He also passed the VoteCoreValues test with flying colors.

Frank Addivinola
There are some oddities. Although Addivinola was born and raised in the district, he currently lives in Boston (which is not in the district but that does not disqualify him from running) and strangely, his campaign headquarters is also in Boston. Earlier this year he was on the ballot for Boston City Council.

Nevertheless, this would appear to be an opportunity for the GOP to pick up a seat in a traditionally "blue" district. It's an "open" seat. It's a special election which generally attracts a very low turnout -- and it's in December. And the population of the district, in our observation, is not as radically leftist as Clark.

But as far as we can tell, the Addivinola campaign has received almost no support from the state GOP establishment, and certainly none from the national Republicans either with fundraising or any other help. In other words, he's not pro-gay and "socially liberal" enough for the establishment -- certainly not another Gabriel Gomez. Thus, he's had to rely on a hard-charging volunteer-led campaign.

Clark refusing to debate Addivinola -- a no-show at 7 debates!

If all that isn't enough, there's more: We have never seen a Congressional election where one candidate flatly refused to debate the other candidate. There have been (at least) seven scheduled debates between Clark and Addivinola. They've been set up by media outlets, civic groups, and even a liberal Jewish Temple.  Clark has refused to participate in any of them!

Clark refuses to attend and her campaign doesn't give a reason. We suspect that she knows her views are out of the mainstream even in Massachusetts, and in addition she does not want to have to defend Obama's record or the Obamacare train wreck! Perhaps she also knows she can't stand up to logical challenges from an articulate opponent.

But in a free society, one expects a candidate to stand up and defend his positions at least once. Obviously, Clark's opinion of that is different from the rest of us.

At this Fox News scheduled debate, they had an empty seat for Clark, who refused to show up!

Of course, because Clark's a left-winger, most of the media has outrageously ignored this. They don't even ask her about it directly. We could imagine what would happen if a Republican had that attitude.

The election is on Tuesday. In many ways, this is not unlike what we've been seeing across the country. In our opinion, the Republican Party has lost its way. You can contact the Addivinola campaign to help (or donate) HERE.

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Frank Addivinola's Fundraiser

by: Newton4G

Thu Nov 21, 2013 at 11:44:12 AM EST

Fundraiser in support of Frank Addivinola for Congress

Thursday, November 21, 6:30 - 8:30pm

The Chateau Restaurant, 195 School St, Waltham

Please join us to support the campaign and hear from special guests, including Howie Carr who will be signing his books available for purchase.

Hors d'oeuvres & cash bar

RSVP encouraged:

Donate at

Checks payable to The Addivinola Committee

Afterwards, let's fight for Frank!  Winning Special Elections requires two things, Identity and Infrastructure.  Frank is a strong VoteCoreValues Republican who paints with bold colors and helps improve the Identity of the Massachusetts GOP.  Let's get him the grassroots GOTV infrastructure he needs to help him win his race.

And of course, let's vote for Frank on Tuesday December 10th in the 5th Congressional District Special Election!

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Jonesing For Genuine GOP Leadership On Beacon Hill

by: The Angelic One

Fri Sep 13, 2013 at 11:40:22 AM EDT

As my RMG colleague Rob Eno pointed out today, Massachusetts House of Representatives Minority Leader Brad Jones scrambled to co-author legislation designed to amend the rules of the House so that the restriction to bills on the House floor would be lifted. This victory for transparency was made possible by a hearty band of Republican House members dubbed the "Gang of Five". The resolution filed by Dan Winslow was supported by his plucky Gang of Five colleagues Shaunna O'Connell, Jim Lyons, Marc Lombardo, & Geoff Diehl. Everyone else - including Democrats! - knew a good thing when they saw it & quickly threw their support behind the legislation. The rest, as they say, was history.

But the question remains: why didn't Jones himself take the initiative to challenge the lack of transparency promulgated by Speaker of the House Bob DeLeo? Why did he wait till the last minute to help his GOP colleagues? WHY?

As Eno pointed out in another post, special election Republican candidates Carol Claros & David Steinhof actually did pretty good considering the fact that both first-time candidates had scarce resources & their respective races happened deep within Democrat territory. Still, DeLeo had no problems publicly pounding the pavement & shaking the money tree for the members of HIS party like Dan Donahue (Claros' opponent) who were also running in those special elections.

Now where was the Minority Leader when two Republican candidates had a chance to win two open seats? Sure, the MA House Republican PAC doled out $500 & Jones personally donated $100 to Claros (no word yet if he did the same thing for Steinhof), but...but was THAT all he did? Why wasn't an independent expenditure from the GOP PAC done for either Claros or Steinhof? Jones allowed his name to be attached to an invitation to an event for Steinhof but he never showed up at said event. In fact he was completely absent from ANY event staged for Claros & Steinhof. He was a NO-SHOW!!!

Some Establishment Republicans may titter over a cartoon & squeal, "where's Waldo?" but ALL GOP activists should righteously respond with "the hell with Waldo - where's Jones? What's he doing? Where's the leadership?"

More after the jump...

There's More... :: (46 Comments, 378 words in story)

Don Humason is a Solid Conservative

by: Rob "EaBo Clipper" Eno

Wed Aug 28, 2013 at 06:35:46 AM EDT

Sources are telling Red Mass Group that Mike Franco has decided to run in the special election to fill Mike Knapik's former seat.  The reason seems to be that Don Humason is the "establishment" pick for the senate seat.  While the establishment may be lining up behind Humason, in no way is he an establishment pick.  

Part of the misconception is that Don Humason has a very good ability to disagree, without being disagreeable.  Lets look at the recent history.

In 2009, now Sheriff, Lew Evangelidis and others waged a fight for the House Republican leadership.  It was a fight in which they came up a couple votes short.  Don Humason was with Evangelidis and company.  When the vote for speaker was cast, the legislators supporting Evangelidis over Brad Jones voted present for Speaker. It is customary to vote for the Minority leader if you are a Republican.  You can see this vote on page 7A of this linked PDF.

In addition to this vote, which wasn't very establishment, Humason supported Rick Green in this year's fight for Party Chair.  

When RINO Hunting, we should train our sights on actual RINOs.  Humason is as far away from that as you can be.  

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5 Things: What do Paul Heroux and Dennis Rodman Have in Common? Grossman > Geraldo and more...

by: Rob "EaBo Clipper" Eno

Tue Aug 27, 2013 at 07:37:45 AM EDT

What do Paul Heroux (D-Attleboro) and Dennis Rodman Have in Common

As much grief as these pages have given Paul Heroux over his vote to raise taxes.  The Democratic Representative for Attleboro just had a once in a lifetime experience.  He was able to go behind the bamboo curtain to North Korea as part of a Harvard Kennedy School learning expedition.  He has a lot of images on his Facebook fan page.  Below is just one of them, Heroux said this is something called the MassGames.  No doubt part of a Bread and Circus plan by Pyongyang to keep the masses docile.

You can read more about Heroux's trip to North Korea at The Attleboro Sun Chronicle.  

Oh and the answer is that both Heroux and Rodman went to North Korea this year.

Steve Grossman has better luck with old vaults than Geraldo

You may remember back in the 1980s the big hype when Geraldo Rivera was going to open Al Capone's vault.  Then in a huge disappointment it was empty. State Treasurer Steve Grossman set himself up for a similar situation recently.  Alas, his foray into vault busting yielded better results.  The Boston Globe has the story.  

When the safecrackers gave MacDonald the signal that the locks had been opened, he lifted the metal bar across each of its doors and pulled the safe open, revealing two green filing cabinets and big piles of papers, boxes, ledgers, and envelopes stacked on shelves.

A dusty assortment of artifacts, at least one dating to the 1700s, greeted him.

The items included Confederate money from 1864; a weathered ledgerbook, dated 1896-1899, outlining pay for "Massachusetts volunteer militia service in Spanish-American War"; World War I savings bonds; boxes of old checkbooks; and metal stamps with the engraved signatures of former treasurers, including Foster Furcolo, who became the state's 60th governor in 1957.

Also interred in the safe were a very old photograph of an elevated train, a 1936 stock certificate from the Boston Beer Co., and a role of magnetic tape from 1971, probably containing old computer files from the era long before thumb drives and cloud computing.

There's More... :: (0 Comments, 280 words in story)

Addivinola, Stopa, or Tierney? Primary October 15th

by: John Howard

Tue Aug 20, 2013 at 13:17:20 PM EDT

(Tom Tierney is a perennial candidate that has been running for congress as either a Democrat or a Republican for 30 + years.  It's time for him to go away. - promoted by Rob "EaBo Clipper" Eno)

Attention folks! We will have a primary on October 15th to pick who will replace Edward Markey in Congress: Frank Addivinola, Mike Stopa, or Tom Tierney. All three are strong candidates who have run for Congress before, though I had never heard of any of them, because they ran against entrenched incumbents so the media gave them no chance. This time, they will be facing first time Congressional candidates with no name recognition or experience with national issues, and so people will be asking who is running on the Republican side?

As Ed Markey helpfully pointed out, only a Republican can accomplish anything in the House, as Democrats are "stifled" and ineffective in the Republican-led House. Massachusetts has no influence on the direction of Washington because we have no Republicans in the House, which controls the tone and agenda of Congress. So here in the Fifth, we have an opportunity to not only give Massachusetts a voice in the House, we also have a chance to influence the Republican party, neither of which we have had since Scott Brown's brief term (which was in the Senate of course, and so he was stifled by Harry Reid too). I think people remember the benefits of having a Republican in Washington, where Brown often led the way out of gridlock by forging a moderate position, and will gladly vote for another Republican.

Whoever wins on October 15th will have a very good chance to be our next Congressman, so we Republicans have two months to hear Frank Addivinola, Tom Tierney and Mike Stopa debate the issues and hone their messages. Let's help them raise their profiles and practice their speeches and sound bites. We have THREE quality candidates and really can't go wrong!

(Updated 3:10 PM, after learning of Tom Tierney's last minute entry in this story on MetroWestNews: Ballots set for 5th Congressional District primaries)

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Western Mass Toll Hiker Aaron Vega to Run for Western Mass Senate Special

by: Rob "EaBo Clipper" Eno

Tue Aug 13, 2013 at 22:33:52 PM EDT

A little noticed part of the recently passed transportation finance bill is a provision reinstating, after 17 years, the tolls on the westernmost six exits of the Massachusetts Turnpike. has the details.

Drivers of passenger vehicles would begin paying tolls again on Oct. 15 between Exits 1 and 6 on the western end of the Massachusetts Turnpike, according to a plan by state transportation officials.

State legislators in July gave final approval to a transportation financing law that ordered the restoration of passenger-vehicle tolls between Exit 1 in West Stockbridge and Exit 6 for Springfield.

Those tolls were eliminated in 1996 by a board controlled by former Gov. William F. Weld, a Republican who was running to oust U.S. Sen. John F. Kerry at the time.

Cynthia M. Roy Gonzalez, director of communications for the state Department of Transportation, said the tolls will cost the same as they did when they were removed in 1996. She said the department is planning to reinstate the tolls on Oct. 15.

State Representative Aaron Vega (D-Holyoke), who represents Western Mass, voted for the transportation finance bill, all the taxes it instituted, and this reinstatement of tolls on the Massachusetts Turnpike's western six exits.  Now he's pulled papers to run for the senate seat which Michael Knapik (R-Westfield) just resigned.  

...continued after the jump

There's More... :: (0 Comments, 183 words in story)

5 Things: Anti Casino Ballot Question, Western Special Date Set, Heroux Responds, and more

by: Rob "EaBo Clipper" Eno

Thu Aug 08, 2013 at 08:30:21 AM EDT

Coalition of Conservatives and Progressives Band to Stop Gambling

A Coalition of pro-family and progressive groups have banded together to stop the state's casino law.  Common enemies sure make strange bedfellows.

A diverse coalition of public health, municipal, family and religious leaders along with concerned citizens from all walks of life submitted an Initiative Petition today to repeal the law allowing state government to partner with powerful gambling interests with the purpose of promoting casino gambling to its citizens.

Repeal the Casino Deal ( filed the requisite paperwork with the office of the Attorney General starting the process to place a repeal question before voters on the November 2014 ballot. The casino bill, passed in 2011 allowing for three casinos and one slot machine parlor, was fueled by commercial casino interests in one of the most expensive lobbying campaigns in state history and aggressively pushed through by the state's political establishment.

2nd Hampden and Hampshire Election Date Set

The Secretary of State and the Senate President have set the election date for the special election to fill the seat recently vacated by Mike Knapik (R-Westfield).  The primary election will be held on Tuesday October 8, 2013 and the final will be held on November 5, 2013 which is also the date of Municipal elections in Holyoke, Chicopee, Easthampton, and Westfield.

There's More... :: (2 Comments, 316 words in story)

Play to Win

by: Keiko Orrall

Wed Aug 07, 2013 at 08:00:43 AM EDT

(Keiko knows special elections! - promoted by Rob "EaBo Clipper" Eno)

This year is turning out to be the year of special elections. We have already been through several big ones and are in the midst of several more. We have had some successes and some failures, but one thing is for sure. Our team needs to win special elections to save our Commonwealth.

As someone who has won a seat in the state legislature in a special election, I would like to offer some insight, and a plea for help for all of our candidates. Our Grand Old Party wins in special elections because our voters are motivated for change and will turn out to vote. We have truth and common sense on our side, but we must continue to learn and get smarter about our game and that includes understanding the importance of teamwork. We must work together to win.

In my special election I benefitted greatly by having State Committee people, Republican Town Committees, MARA, the Coalition, Red Mass Group, Tea Party leaders, members of the State Legislature and other grassroots activists from our district working side by side. The effort was so focused that as a newcomer to State Politics, I did not even realize that there were divides that existed amongst these various groups.
This is also what we saw in Leah Cole's race with our current GOP Chairwoman Kirsten Hughes working alongside our current National Committeewoman Chanel Prunier  to provide the resources and volunteers that are necessary to win. This cohesive focus is what will help us win in the Claros, Steinhof, Humason, and other special elections. In order for us to win, we must have every part of the Republican Party working together.

By working as a cohesive unit and putting aside differences we can advance the goal of restoring health to our party and to our Commonwealth. Everyone has a role to play and this is where we can shine as the party of real change for a better future. Real change will come when we can show that we are hard workers with a plan that protects our liberties, puts us on the path to financial stability, and gives us a sense of pride.

We will not see eye to eye on everything, but we are all on the same team. We must fight the insidious policies of the Democrat majority by working together to solve the problems facing our Commonwealth. We are a party of patriots who will roll up our sleeves, work hard, respect others- including those in our own party, and stand firm to protect the taxpayers. By winning seats in these upcoming special elections through teamwork, we will enter 2014 with momentum and a grassroots team that is motivated to win big.

Will you join me in putting aside differences for the benefit of all citizens of the Commonwealth and help our candidates in these special elections? There have been others before us and others who will come after us, but this time is ours. Let's play to win.

Discuss :: (17 Comments)

Five Things: Humason Announces, 2nd Hampden and Hampshire #s, Techies Put Dems in Sights, & more.

by: Rob "EaBo Clipper" Eno

Tue Aug 06, 2013 at 07:56:18 AM EDT

Don Humason (R-Westfield) announces run for the 2nd Hampden and Hampshire Senate Seat

On the heels of the announcement by Senator Mike Knapik (R-Westfield) that he is resigning, his former aide, Don Humason, has announced he is going to run for the seat. has the story.

Rep. Donald F. Humason said he definitely will be running to succeed Knapik and assume his unexpired term. The two-year position would also again be up for election in November 2014.

Several possible Democratic candidates include Rep. Aaron Vega of Holyoke, City Treasurer Jon D. Lumbra and Patrick B. Beaudry, a former legislative aide from Holyoke.

Westfield City Councilor Brian Sullivan, a Democrat, is also being mentioned, but he could not be immediately reached on Monday.

Humason has $5,387 on hand according to the Office of Campaign and Political Finance.

The Hampden and Hampshire District leans GOP for Special Elections

During the last two special elections the Hampden and Hampshire district, recently vacated by Michael Knapik (R-Westfield) has leaned Republican.  

The district encompasses: Second Hampden and Hampshire -- Consisting of the cities of Chicopee, ward 7, precincts A and B, ward 8, precinct A, ward 9, precinct A, Holyoke and Westfield and the towns of Agawam, Granville, Montgomery, Russell, Southwick and Tolland, in the county of Hampden; and the towns of Easthampton and Southampton in the county of Hampshire.

Scott Brown won the district with over 56% of the vote in the 2010 special election and won all but two of the municipalities.  Including the precincts in Chicoppee that are in the district.

In addition Gabriel Gomez won the district by a little over 54%.  He also won all but two municipalities.  This is a winnable race.    

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Markey: Only a Republican Can Be Effective in House

by: John Howard

Wed Jul 17, 2013 at 15:19:53 PM EDT

Edward Markey was sworn in to the Senate today, creating a vacancy in the House of Representatives. Markey said that, as a Democrat in the Republican-led House, he had beed "stifled" and was unable to "make government work for every family."

So what he's saying is that, if Massachusetts wants an effective Representative in the House and a federal government that works, we should elect a Republican. Massachusetts has an entirely "stifled" delegation right now, and that increases the polarization and gridlock. So not only would we benefit from having a non-stifled voice in the House, but the whole country would benefit from the House becoming less polarized.

So that much is settled. We all agree we should replace him with a Republican. Who is running? So far Frank Addivinola has announced. Has anyone else? Will there be a primary?

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The NewMassPlaybook PAC Inaugural Event, July 25th

by: lawtownlancer

Fri Jul 12, 2013 at 12:57:27 PM EDT

You Are Cordially Invited To:

The NewMassPlaybook PAC Inaugural Event


Exchange Street Bistro Restaurant & Lounge
Thursday, July 25, 2013
67 Exchange Street
Malden, MA 02148

6:30pm to 8:30pm
Cash Bar - Light Refreshments

Suggested Donation: $50

(College/YR/Conservative Activist level $25)

For More Information Contact:

NewMassPlaybook PAC at (978) 310-1245

On Twitter @NewMassPlaybook

Donate and Read Mission Statement @

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Dr. David Steinhof for 6th Bristol State Rep. 9/10/2013 Special Election

by: cdplakeville

Mon Jul 01, 2013 at 20:25:32 PM EDT

Support and vote for Dr.David Steinhof for the open 6th Bristol State Representative seat He will serve the constituents in Fall River , Assonet and Freetown with honor and integrity!

"Doc" Steinhof has always believed in serving his community. From continuing the successful dental practice started by his father, Dr. Edward J. Steinhof, in 1947 to volunteering his time in numerous ways, he believes in helping people. Married for 15 years and with two beautiful daughters, he now hopes to contribute to his community by representing them as State Representative. As a small business owner who sees how this economy is hurting the people he already cares for, he can bring a unique approach to finding a resolution.

Visit his website:
And, LIKE his facebook page:

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Frank Addivinola for Congress

by: tenminutemajor

Mon Jul 01, 2013 at 15:49:04 PM EDT

So, Democrat-lite Gabriel Gomez lost and Fast Eddie Markey won. shocker. Now theres gonna be a special election to replace Markey in the 5h Congressional district.

How about instead of nominating a Dem-lite like Gomez or having a big fight between the different factions of MassGOP, Republicans just rally behind a solid conservative candidate for once? Luckily a solid conservative candidate has announced:

On the Republican side, Frank Addivinola Jr., who lost in the primary for the chance to challenge Markey last year, announced his campaign Wednesday morning.

"My goal is to connect with the voters in the district and clearly communicate to them that the Republican Party is the party of working people, that the Republican Party is the party that will protect the middle class, that the Republican Party is the party that cares about the needy and disadvantaged and has better solutions to help people improve their lives," Addivinola wrote in a campaign announcement.

That's Frank Addivinola with a clear message that appeals to voters without apologizing for being a Republican. Sounds good, huh?

Heres his policy positions:
- pro-life
- against raising income tax rates
- for prioritizing balancing the budget
- pro-capital punishment
- pro-Second amendment
- pro-energy independence
- pro-traditional marriage
- for border security and against amnesty
- pro-business

Fast Eddie is gonna get sworn in after the FOurth of July, meaning that the special election will be  around early December, with the primary being in early or middle October or so. Let the Dems beat up on each other in the primary while we get behind a solid conservative candidate. Its the only way the GOP have a chance in this district. With the Dems already raising their special interest big bucks, Republicans dont have any time to waste!

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What the Special Senate Election Loss Means for the Mass GOP

by: yankeepundit

Fri Jun 28, 2013 at 16:09:44 PM EDT

Campaigns and election results tell one a lot about the political environment.  The 2013 Senate special election was no exception.  Yes, the results were a likely a disappointment to most reader of this board.  However, I believe that there are also some very positive things as well that one can gleam from the results.  I draw three conclusions from the results of the 6/25 election:

1. The Mass GOP Base is Growing

On a national level, the electorate is split roughly 50-50.  It's been over a generation since the last election in which a national candidate got more than 55% of the vote (Reagan in 1984).  Massachusetts is not a 50-50 state.  But it's not as lopsided as in the past.  

Consider: in the last four statewide elections, the outcome has been decided by a 10 point margin or less (2010: Brown 52-47 win; 2010: Baker 42-48 loss; 2012: Brown 46-54 loss; 2013: Gomez 45-55 loss).  Yes, the GOP candidate lost 3 of 4.  But that's a whole lot different than the result before that.  In 2006, Kennedy trounced Chase by a 38 point margin in 2006 (and beat Romney by a 17 point margin in 1994).  Kerry walloped Beatty by 35 points in 2008.  Indeed, those of us that remember the 1970's and 1980's in Massachusetts remember when Mass GOP candidates for state and federal office-including many well-funded candidates-were beaten by a 2-1 margin.  Those days are over.

So what to do about it?  Buck up.  Tuesday's loss may be a disappointment.  But the trends are in the right direction.  Keep the faith.  Work harder.  Our time will come.

2. The Mass GOP is the Party of the Middle Class

Take a look at a map of the special election results.  The islands of Markey blue consist almost entirely of (i) wealthy gentry towns (Concord, Newton); (ii) old line industrial cities (Boston, Lawrence, New Bedford, Waltham); and (iii) progressive dystopias (Cambridge, Provincetown, Berkshire County and the Pioneer Valley).   That giant sea of red between the islands of blue is middle class Massachusetts.  Gomez rolled up 15-20 point margins across this region.  

Given a choice between coalitions, I'd choose the red, middle class coalition.  Indeed, there are structural tensions in the blue coalition that will increasingly come to the surface as government finances inevitably turn south.  Pensions for the government workers in the progressive dystopias will increasingly crowd out government services for those in the old line industrial cities.  Lower income households in the old line industrial cities will also become resentful of the costs of the agenda of the progressive dystopias.  Markey, in his victory speech, called for a 'green revolution'.  These are exactly the misguided policies that squeeze lower income households through higher energy costs (energy is a larger share of the household budget in lower income than higher income households).  

So what to do?  First, the Mass GOP should firmly position itself as the defender of the middle class.  The GOP can do that by unabashedly promoting the free market, opportunity and fiscal responsibility.  Finally, it's also time for the GOP to stop spending political capital to protect Ed Markey's voters from Ed Markey's tax increases.  If the wealthy gentry liberals in Concord really want to pay higher taxes, it's not our job to save them from their own stupidity.

3. Young Voters Are the Growth Opportunity for GOP        

Consider the differences in age of the starting lineup for the GOP versus that of the Democrats.   Gomez is 47.  Scott Brown 53.  By comparison, Liz Warren's 64 and Ed Markey is 66, and already collecting social security.  On the national level, the differences are even greater.  The top two Democratic Presidential contenders are 65 (Hillary Clinton) and 70 (Joe Biden).   Contrast that with the GOP starting lineup: Rand Paul (50); Chris Christie (50) and Ted Cruz (43).    
The GOP will never be able to outbid the Democrats when it comes to entitlement promises for the elderly.  We all saw the Democratic Party ads in the special election promising no changes in social security or Medicare (and excoriating Gomez for considering changes that would increase the likelihood that these programs remain solvent.)  The GOP needs to make the case that the policies of Ed Markey, Elizabeth warren and the Democratic Party are screwing young people.  

Here's a simple example of an issue that Gomez could have brought up (but didn't) that would have detached some young voters from the Democratic coalition:  this spring, the Senate voted to allow states to tax purchases on the internet.  Young people, more than others, buy things on the internet.  Young people hate the idea of taxing internet purchases.  Gallup finds that 73 percent of young people oppose the idea-higher than for any other age group.   Elizabeth Warren and Mo Cowan nopt only voted for imposing a sales tax on internet purchases.   Both Warren and Cowan were co-sponsors of the bill.    This was an issue tailor made for Gomez.  Not only do young people oppose the tax-voters of all ages, all party affiliations and all income levels (especially lower income) do as well.  But did you hear anything from Gomez or the Mass GOP on this issue?  How about other issues like entitlement reform, the federal deficit, jobs, and labor market freedom.  Young people are about all these issues.  The key is to become more attuned to issues that matter to young people and to explain why the GOP agenda better serves the economic interests of youth.    

So while the results of the June 25th election were not what most of us would have hoped, there are a lot of indications that things are moving in the right direction for the Mass GOP.  The challenge is to capitalize on that.    

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